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Tourist Information Line 1330 call center
  • The TT Call Center Tour Guide 1330 is representative tour info hotline of Korea. number for guide service,
  • offering various domestic tourism information to local and foreign tourists.

※ BI explanation: the TT means “Thirteen Thirty”, besides, it also represents “Travel Telephone”, “Tourism Technology” and “Travel Tips” etc.

The TT Call Center Tour Guide 1330

  • At TT Call Center, we have licensed tour guides who provide all kinds of information regarding tourist attractions, transportation, accommodation, shopping and local festivals / events – just about everything you need. Also, we educate our counselors regularly for better service and livelier interpretation of tourist locations.
  • At TT Call Center, multilingual assistance is available - we provide our services not only in Korean, but also English, Chinese and Japanese. We also have a phone translation service, for simple translations at various occasions; say, in a restaurant or a taxi.
  • TT Call Center is open 24/7 for your convenience – we are here to help you from the preparation for your trip to the end.
  • TT Call Center also provides the One-stop General Information Service for foreign visitors, which is directly linked to the Ministry of Justice (1345) and National Rescue Headquarters (119). Foreigners can easily seek help in case of emergencies, regarding immigration, safety accidents, medical assistance, inconvenience report, etc.

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