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  • Daegu Jung-gu Alley Trip
    Introduces Daegu’s 5 Jung-gu Modern Alley Trip Routes, which were named as ‘the star of Korean tourism’ and part of the ‘Top 99 Must-see Tourist Locations’. Provides navigation and nearby search service in case of traveling alone, and includes a travel note where you can record your memoirs. (5 routes: Route 1 – Gyeongsang-gamyeong Dalseong Route, Route 2 – Modern Culture Alley, Route 3 – Fashion & Oriental Medicine Route, Route 4 – Samdeok Bongsan Culture Route, Route 5 – Mt. Namsan 100 Year Nostalgia Route)
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  • Trip Advisor
    With TripAdvisor, you can plan your trip perfectly with various reviews, photos and maps. TripAdvisor has over 150 million reviews from travelers around the globe, which can help you book flights and hotels, find great restaurants and visit famous tour spots at the best price, with just a few taps.
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  • Travel Note
    Create your travel note whenever & wherever you are during the trip! The Travel Note is a smart phone APP which allow tourists to make real-time memoirs during the trip. Now you can record your precious moments and share them with your friends real-time! ^^* Travel Note owns a database of more than 70,000 main scenic spots in Korea, based on which you can design your very own tour route. Come on! Let’s start the smart journey with the ‘Travel Note’ now!
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