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  • Where can I find the historical sites of Daegu?View More
  • There are many places of historical interest in Daegu which, assorted by region, is as follows:  Downtown Daegu Area: Daegu Hyanggyo, Gyesan Catholic Church, Jeil Presbyterian Church  Dongdaegu Area: Yeongnam Jeil-Gwan Gate, Momyeongjae Shrine  Dalseong (Mt. Biseul) Area: Myogol Village and Yuksinsa Temple, Dodong-seowon Confucian School, Nokdongseowon Confucian School, Inheung Village, Yugasa Temple, Yongyeonsa Temple, Hamokjeong Pavilion, etc.  Mt. Palgongsan Area: Donghwasa Temple, Pagyesa Temple, Bu-insa Temple, Bukjijangsa Temple, Gatbawi Rock, Otgol Village, Historical Site of General Sin Sung-Gyeom, Bullo-dong Ancient Tomb Park, etc. * For further and more precise information, please visit our homepage.
  • Can you tell me the climbing routes in Daegu’s famous mountain, Palgongsan? View More
  •  Main Route (approx. 18.9km): Gasansanseong Fortress – Hantijae Hill – Pagyejae Hill – Seobong Peak – Dongbong Peak – Sillyeongjae Hill – Guanbong Peak (Gatbawi Rock) – Gatbawi Rock Facility Area  Recommended Route 1 (approx. 9.9km): Sutaegol Valley – Dongbong Peak – Seobong Peak – Sutaegol Valley  Recommended Route 2 (approx. 11.0km): Donghwasa Temple – Yeombulbong Peak – Sillyeongjae Hill – Pokpogol Valley  Recommended Route 3 (approx. 11.0km): Pagyesa Temple Facility Area – Pagyejae Hill – Pagyebong Peak – Bu-insa Temple *For further information, please contact Palgongsan Tourist Bureau: 053-985-0980.
  • Can you recommend some tour routes to look around the city in Daegu? View More
  • There are 1-day tour and 2-day tour routes available around Daegu, which include: the Recommended Tour Routes for Locals & Foreigners, Downtown Night Tour Routes, Ecotour Route, Medical Tour Route, Han-bang (oriental medicine) Cosmetic Tour Route, Fashion & Beauty Route, Yangnyeongsi Han-bang Experience Route, Seasonal Tour Route, Daegu and Kyeongbuk History & Performances Route, Daegu City Tour, Daegu Suburbs Tour, Palgongsan Olle Tour, etc.
  • you suggest some attractions in Daegu suburbs to visit within the day? View More
  • There are weekend tour programs to Daegu suburbs every Saturday and Sunday, accompanied by cultural heritage interpreters. These programs are made up of 13 Basic Courses (including courses through: Munkyeong, Yeongju, Cheongsong, Kyeongju, Pohang, Yeongdeok, Goryeong / Hapcheon, Changnyeong, Milyang, Ulsan, Seongju / Kimcheon, Cheongdo, etc.), and 2 Industrial Theme Tour Courses (to Pohang, Ulsan etc.). They provide various activities to experience, such as the Performances and other precious cultural heritages of Daegu.
  • Could you tell me about the 1-day tour routes in Daegu? View More
  • The 1-day tour courses provided are as follows:
     Course 1: Mt.Palgongsan Wish Trip & History Tour
     Course 2: City Safety Experience & Farm Life Experience
     Course 3: Bangjja Yugi (traditional high tin bronze forging) Experience + Water Sports
     Course 4: Mt. Palgongsan Climbing & ‘Well-being’ Hot Spring Bath
     Course 5: Water Sports & ‘Well-being’ Hot Spring Bath
     Course 6: Palgongsan Olle
    Also, there are themed 2-day courses like the “Green Daegu Trip”, “Buddhist Temple Trip”, “Story Walks to Palgong”, “8037 Tour”, “Eccentric Tour”, Samsung Hoam Theme Tour”, etc.
    *For further information, please go to Main Page and click [Tourist Spots] – [Recommended Tour Routes] – [Recommended Tour Routes for Locals & Foreigners].
  • Can you recommend some Daegu tour routes for foreigners?View More
  • There are a number of recommended routes for foreigners. However, people from different countries have differing priorities when choosing from them. For instance, tourists from Japan prefer the Yangnyeongsi Han-bang (oriental medicine) Experience Route and Dongseong-ro Night Shopping Tour Route; tourists from Southeast Asia prefer the Fashion & Beauty Route and Hanbang Cosmetic Tour Route; tourists from China prefer routes which mainly cover recreational facilities, such as Herb Hillz or Spa Valley.
  • Can you suggest a 3-day tour route to Daegu and around Gyeongbuk? View More
  • The Daegu∙Gyeongbuk History & Performances Tour Routes include various activities. They bring together the Han-bang (oriental medicine) Performances experience in Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Market and the historical and cultural tourist attractions of Gyeongbuk. The 3-to-4-day courses include:
     [Daegu Han-bang Cosmetic Experience – Apple Wine Tasting – Gyeongju Silla Performances Tour]
    - Day 1: Donghwasa Temple ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Pine Mushroom Set Meal) ⇒ Shopping at Dongseong-ro ⇒ Daegu 83 Tower ⇒ E-World
    - Day 2: Apple Wine Tasting at Uiseong ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Apple Chicken) ⇒ Daegu Han-bang Cosmetic Experience ⇒ Shopping at Seomun Market ⇒ Night Sightseeing at Anapji Pond, Gyeongju ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Gyeongju-style SSambap)
    - Day 3: Gyeongju Silla Millenium Park ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Korean Cuisine) ⇒ World Performances Expo Park ⇒ Daegu
     [Daegu Health & Wellbeing Tour – Gyeongju Silla Performances Tour]
    - Day 1: Herb Hillz ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Herb Bibimbap) ⇒ Spa Valley ⇒ Bulgama (charcoal sauna) Experience
    - Day 2: Gyeongju Silla Performances Tour – World Performances Expo Park – Night Sightseeing at Anapji Pond
    - Day 3: Mungyeong Saejae ⇒ Pottery Workshop ⇒ Andong Hahoe Village ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Dongin-dong-style Braised Beef Ribs) ⇒ Dongseong-ro Night Tour in Daegu
     [Daegu Han-bang Performances Tour – Gyeongbuk History & Performances Tour]
    - Day 1: Mt. Palgongsan Climbing ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Pine Mushroom Set Meal) ⇒ Daegu Bangjja Yugi Museum ⇒ Dongseong-ro ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Dongin-dong-style Braised Beef Ribs)
    - Day 2: Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Han-bang Samgyetang) ⇒ Han-bang Wellbeing Experience (Foot Bathing, Cutting Medicine Ingredients) ⇒ Oriental Medicine Shopping ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Han-bang Bulgogi)
    - Day 3: Bulguksa Temple, Gyeongju ⇒ Seokguram Grotto ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Korean Vegetarian Cuisine) ⇒ World Performances Expo Park ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Beef Set Meal) ⇒ Night Sightseeing at Anapji Pond
    - Day 4: Watching Sunrise on the Eastern Coast ⇒ Yeongdeok Wind Power Plant ⇒ Lunch (Menu: Yeongdeok Snow Crabs) ⇒ POSCO ⇒ Dinner (Menu: Pohang-style Gwamegi or half dried herring) ⇒ Daegu

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