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Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb

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  • Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb image Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb image Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb image Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb image Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb image
    • · Address : 21-8, Dusan-dong-san, Suseong-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 82-53-666-4312
Mitsusaki Rintaro was a great man who built the present Suseongmot Lake. He had built water reservoirs to irrigate land in the Daegu area during the period of Japanese Colonial Rule. As a result, He contributed to the regional agricultural development. After he died, the cemetery was built next to the Suseongmot Lake according to his will. He settled down in Daegu with his families in 1914 and began to work on agriculture. He couldn’t bear people’s suffering from drought and flood, so he finished the design and measurement of the impounding the reservoir. He visited viceroy of the Japanese Government-General of Korea to suggest the plan. However, he was furious when he was turned down for the reason that the beneficiaries were not Japanese but Korean, and stated that it was Japanese fault for not concerning about the Korean. In the end, he received budget support the funds of 12,000 Japanese yens to build and administrate the reservoir.
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· Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb     Contact :  82-53-666-4312      Information : 1330

· Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb     Contact :   82-53-666-4312      Information : 1330

· Mitsusaki Rintaro's Tomb
· Contact :  82-53-666-4312
· Information : 1330

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