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Lee Gongje Memorial

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  • Lee Gongje Memorial image Lee Gongje Memorial image Lee Gongje Memorial image Lee Gongje Memorial image Lee Gongje Memorial image
    • · Address : 117, Sincheondong-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 82-53-666-2172
The “Lee Gongje Memorial” was set up by the Daegu citizens to eulogize the achievements of Daegu justice I Seo Gong. The Sincheon used to be the main road passing by Daegu downtown before 1778, however, it suffered heavy flood a lot there. Lee Gong was concerned about the frequent persecution caused by flood when he became the justice of Daegu in 1776 (Jeongjo 1 year). Lee Gong built the dam to transfer Sincheoon to the current river direction to make the Daegu downtown streets free from floor persecution, which impressed and touched the Daegu citizens. In order to praise his achievement, Daegu people named the dam built by Lee Gong justice as “Lee Gongje Memorial” by imitating China where Sosik took office in Soju as prefectural governor in Song Dynasty and built a dam which was named as “So Je”, and there would be a fete held on Jan 14th of every lunar year. The “Lee Gongje Memorial” located on the left of the stele pavilion used to be located on the left of Suseong-gyo, but it had been moved for a few times and finally fixed in the current location. The middle stele was discovered under the left of Suseong-gyo during the construction of Sincheon Daero in 1986. According to the inscription, the stele set up in 1797 was too old and rebuilt again in 1808 to preserve the achievements eternally. The “Gunsu I Hubeom Forever Cherishing Stele” by the side of Igongjebi was built in 1889. The downstream of “Lee Gongje Memorial” was damaged by the flood hit in 1888, resulting in the danger risk in Daegu Eup-seong. Gunsu I Hubeom donated thousands of gold to maintain the dam in a day to ensure the safety of Daegu citizens. In order to praise his achievement, his stele was set up by the side of Lee Gong Je Stele to hand down.
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· Lee Gongje Memorial     Contact :  82-53-666-2172      Information : 1330

· Lee Gongje Memorial     Contact :   82-53-666-2172      Information : 1330

· Lee Gongje Memorial
· Contact :  82-53-666-2172
· Information : 1330

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