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Suseong Land

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Suseong Land, opened in 1993, is a modern flower park that has long in history and tradition. It provides citizens living in Daegu with the newest and best facilities, and will continue to be developed as a high-quality theme park. Business Hours: Winter 11:00-21:00 / Summer 10:00-24:00
More information
Facilities for the Handicapped No special facilities
Tourist Guide in Korean no guide service available
Tourist Guide in Foreign Language no guide service available
Parking parking available
COURSE Tourist activity: cycling, cable car fun, pottery and herb garden experience, the skating rink opened all the year round.

· Suseong Land     Contact :  82-53-762-6622~3      Information : 1330

· Suseong Land     Contact :   82-53-762-6622~3      Information : 1330

· Suseong Land
· Contact :  82-53-762-6622~3
· Information : 1330

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