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Bongsan Culture Center

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  • Bongsan Culture Center image Bongsan Culture Center image Bongsan Culture Center image Bongsan Culture Center image Bongsan Culture Center image
    • · Address : 77, Bongsanmunhwa-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
    • · Contact : 82-53-661-3500
    • · Website : http://www.bongsanart.org/
The Bongsan Culture Center is dedicated to satisfying people’s cultural needs and sentiments cultivation, developing local culture and regional arts and offering healthier amateur living opportunities to the citizens. Aiming at being the lifelong educational authority related to cultural arts, the Bonsan Culture Center makes full use of faculty of being the integrated cultural art hall connected with Bonsan Culture street. With the up to date live & movie audio equipments installed, platform equipments automatic shifter enhanced, the advanced piano configured, the performance spaces for small-scale of dramas and child plays supported as well as the comfy observation seats ranked only second to the newly opened theatre. The hall is welcomed by the players and audiences fond of those excellent facilities, available for lease for different events. Located on the downtown Banwoldang station area and Bongsan Culture street, as well as configured with 448 observation seats, as a theatre the hall is popular with the users for certain scale of events and makes it easier to approach the audiences. Its location in the famous cultural street & next to Dongseongno and schools makes it convenient for you to reach the hall by public transportation, and welcomed by the residents nearby as well as the youth.
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Business Hours Open time: 09:00 ~ 22:00
Facilities for the Handicapped
Tourist Guide in Korean
Tourist Guide in Foreign Language
Reservation Support for Foreigner
Parking Underground parking lot available

· Bongsan Culture Center     Contact :  82-53-661-3500      Information : 1330

· Bongsan Culture Center     Contact :   82-53-661-3500      Information : 1330

· Bongsan Culture Center
· Contact :  82-53-661-3500
· Information : 1330

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