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Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC)

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Nakdonggang (river) is the lifeline of Daegu and flows through the surrounding Dalgubeol. Gangjeong Goryeong weir is regarded as being the center of the river in Gangjeong, which has developed into a new attraction along with the in-development representative water cultural center for the four rivers. Gangjeong Goryeong weir (length 953.5 m) prides itself on being the largest weir on the Nakdonggang River.
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· Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC)     Contact :  82-53-585-0917      Information : 1330

· Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC)     Contact :   82-53-585-0917      Information : 1330

· Gangjeong Goryeongbo Weir (The ARC)
· Contact :  82-53-585-0917
· Information : 1330

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