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Daehyun Primall

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  • Daehyun Primall image Daehyun Primall image Daehyun Primall image Daehyun Primall image Daehyun Primall image
Formerly known as the Central Underground Shopping Center, the Daehyeon Primall is a 400-meter-long underground shopping center. It features various shops and is often cited as a must-see shopping attraction. It is especially famous for its apparel stores, but one can also find glasses, cameras, and small electronics. It is directly connected to the Jungang-ro subway station and is served by many bus routes. Sale Items: Apparel, Jewelry, Accessory, Shoes, Communciations, Cosmetics, Food, etc. Business Hours: Varies with stores
More information
Sale Items Clothes, jewelryl, jewelry, shoes, mobile communication, cosmetics, catering, others
Business Hours Subject to different shops (Monday off of 1st week/month)
Checkroom Available in metro deposit center
Facilities for the Handicapped Barrier-free exclusive dressing room, metro escalator
Parking 305 cars in total in B1 & B2 (800W for 30min, added with 300W past 30min)

· Daehyun Primall     Contact :  82-53-253-4207      Information : 1330

· Daehyun Primall     Contact :   82-53-253-4207      Information : 1330

· Daehyun Primall
· Contact :  82-53-253-4207
· Information : 1330

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