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Lotte Outlets Esiapolis Branch

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Featuring a new concept of leisure center, the earliest shopping mall Lotte has its new style of family shopping theme park integrated with shopping and cultural center debuted in Daegu and Gyeongbuk area. The cultural space is comprised of shopping center, theatre, kids theme park, garden and guests’ rest rooms, ideal as an interesting One-day living space with various activities for the families to enjoy together.
More information
Sale Items Clothings, groceries, sports suits, overseas famous products
Business Hours AM 11:00 ~ PM 09:00 (Mon to Thur of Nov. to Feb. AM 11:00 ~ PM 08:00)
Checkroom Available
Facilities for the Handicapped Toilet for the disabled
Parking Available for 1,500 cars

· Lotte Outlets Esiapolis Branch     Contact :  82-53-945-2500      Information : 1330

· Lotte Outlets Esiapolis Branch     Contact :   82-53-945-2500      Information : 1330

· Lotte Outlets Esiapolis Branch
· Contact :  82-53-945-2500
· Information : 1330

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