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Lotte Department Store

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Lotte Department Store offers the best level of service and provides a diverse shopping experience. Featuring over 700 domestic and foreign brands, imported luxury goods, and a 9-theater movie house, Lotte Department Store has solidified its place as the center of Daegu's fashion, luxury goods, and culture industry. Sale Items: Food, Apparel, Goods, Imported Luxury Goods Business Hours: 10:30 - 20:00
More information
Sale Items Cuisine, clothings, department store, overseas famous products
Business Hours AM 10:30 ~ PM 08:00 (Once / month Monday)
Checkroom Available in B2
Facilities for the Handicapped Toilet for the disabled, parking lot
Parking Available for parking

· Lotte Department Store     Contact :  82-53-660-2500      Information : 1330

· Lotte Department Store     Contact :   82-53-660-2500      Information : 1330

· Lotte Department Store
· Contact :  82-53-660-2500
· Information : 1330

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