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Daegu Tower (83 Tower)

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  • Daegu Tower (83 Tower) image Daegu Tower (83 Tower) image
    • · Address : 200, Duryugongwon-ro, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
    • · Contact : 82-53-620-0001
    • · Website : http://83tower.kr
The Daegu Tower (height 202m ) is located on European style theme park inside Duryu Park. It is a tourist attraction where you can look over the whole city of Daegu. The traditional architectural beauty of the tower has been reproduced and its Dabotop pagoda shape has been recreated. The west part of Daegu Tower (total area: 1,653,965㎡) has Duryusan, Seongdangmot and Daegu Culture and Arts Center where the tourists could enjoy various performances, exhibitions and events. There are citizen physical training facilities including a multipurpose sports field, a swimming pool, a soccer field, a tennis court, a baseball stadium, an inline skating rink, etc. There are symbolic commemoration spaces such as a 2.28 monument, statues of people and a sculpture park. You could visit the Daegu tourist information center which is the base of Daegu regional tourism near this tower when you need some help.
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· Daegu Tower (83 Tower)     Contact :  82-53-620-0001      Information : 1330

· Daegu Tower (83 Tower)     Contact :   82-53-620-0001      Information : 1330

· Daegu Tower (83 Tower)
· Contact :  82-53-620-0001
· Information : 1330

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