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Daegu Art Factory

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Daegu Art Factory was projected as one of the governmental pilot projects for " culture and Art Creative Belt Development Project Utilizing Local Modern Industrial Heritage" Daegu Art Factory not only enables us to establish the foundation for cultivating artists and to expand infrastructure for experimental artistic creation, but also gives us the city regeneration effect by creating a apace for artistic creation in the backward inner city area by remodeling the annexed warehouse of the tobacco-manufacturing plant(in Shushing-Dong, Jung-gu), which has represented one of the representative areas for our country's cigarette industry as well as overall industrial heritage. From this time forth, Daegu Art Factory is going to develop as a power plant for culture and art by being a cradle of artistic creation where the established artists can bury themselves in the creative activities and produce excellent creative artworks, by being a gateway where the budding artists can get an opportunity for artistic creation, and by being a space for artistic creation where the citizens can increase their creativity and interest in arts with collaboration of the professional artists.
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· Daegu Art Factory     Contact :  82-53-803-6252      Information : 1330

· Daegu Art Factory     Contact :   82-53-803-6252      Information : 1330

· Daegu Art Factory
· Contact :  82-53-803-6252
· Information : 1330

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