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Apsan Cable Car

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Apsan Cable car is located in Keungol Jarak-gil(road) near War Memorial Museum of the Nakdong River Battle inside Apsan Park, Daegu. 48 people can get on the cable cars and it takes about 5 minutes one way at a speed of 3.5 meters a second. The cable car fare is 7,000 won for one way and 9,000 won for a round trip for a person and 6,500 won for one way and 8,500 won for a round trip for a group. Child gets a 2,000 won discount. People are able to be moved deeply when they get to the top of the mountain taking cable cars and then look out picturesque scenery of Daegu before their eyes. People can relieve their stress and be rejuvenated by taking breaths of fresh air as much as they want in the dense forests.
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· Apsan Cable Car     Contact :  82-53-656-2994      Information : 1330

· Apsan Cable Car     Contact :   82-53-656-2994      Information : 1330

· Apsan Cable Car
· Contact :  82-53-656-2994
· Information : 1330

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