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Daegu Concert House

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The Daegu Concert House is a comprehensive performance venue located at 141 Taepyeong-ro (Taepyeongro 2-ga), Jung-gu, Daegu. Having opened its doors on October 5, 1975, as Daegu Citizens’ Hall, the building and its aged facilities underwent renovations as part of its consigned development into a local heritage site and was reopened on November 29, 2013, as a world-class concert hall. The building’s name was changed to “Daegu Concert House” on January 1, 2016, and it now houses two arts groups: the Daegu Symphony Orchestra and Daegu City Choir. Aiming to be a pillar of the performing arts that preserves the city’s cultural vitality, the Daegu Concert House has established the following vision: - Promote the performing arts and serve as a unique performance venue that offers citizens greater access to culture - Be a creative, future-oriented cultural space that promotes communication and closer relations between regions and countries by hosting performances of outstanding works of culture and art - Enhance Daegu’s reputation as a city of culture and the arts by cultivating globally recognized figures in culture and art-related areas
More information
Business Hours 09:00~18:00
Fare Varies by performance
Facilities for the Handicapped Seating for the disabled in performance venues(Grand Hall:14 seats, Chamber Hall:4 seats), wheelchair rental, nursing room, parking spaces for the disabled, disabled accessible toilet, wheelchair ramp
Tourist Guide in Korean Available
Tourist Guide in Foreign Language Available
Reservation Support for Foreigner 053-250-1400 (ARS: #1)
Parking B3: 270, parking tower: 50

· Daegu Concert House     Contact :  82-53-250-1400      Information : 1330

· Daegu Concert House     Contact :   82-53-250-1400      Information : 1330

· Daegu Concert House
· Contact :  82-53-250-1400
· Information : 1330

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