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Daedeok Restaurant

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  • Daedeok Restaurant Daedeok Restaurant Daedeok Restaurant Daedeok Restaurant Daedeok Restaurant
    • · Address : 5, Apsansunhwan-ro-89-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-623-0613
Daedeok Restaurant is so renowned that almost everyone in Daegu knows it and is familiar with its cattle blood soup with rice. The creator was Ms Seong Jilbun who opened up in 1979. Her son inherited the business and kept offering the traditional delicacies for 40 years now. The secret recipe for the cattle blood soup is simply fresh ingredients and fine spices. Its flavor is unique, even though it’s simple to cook. Only with the fresh cattle blood bought every morning, cattle leg bone soup boiled for several hours, can the soup be made. It's topped with Korean-grown garlic, chilli powder and dried Chinese cabbage added for seasoning. The cattle blood soup is the perfect food for climbers to satisfy their hunger and keep warm at a reasonable price. There’s also Apsan park around the restaurant for leisure, an observatory deck nearby to overlook all of Daegu, an easily accessible cable car and hiking trails for visitors’ health.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00
representative food Cattle blood soup, spicy beef soup, ribs soup, cooked meat
price/payment guide

· Daedeok Restaurant     Contact :  053-623-0613      Information : 1330

· Daedeok Restaurant     Contact :   053-623-0613      Information : 1330

· Daedeok Restaurant
· Contact :  053-623-0613
· Information : 1330

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