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Rose Garden Restaurant

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The restaurant is located in Apsan food court, ideal for entertaining guests in a comfy and tranquil environment. It’s contains a spacious parking lot and wood sculptures for better environment display. The owner is considerate enough to separate the guests who come to the grill and guests who come for traditional Korean cuisine. It’s also famous for its Korean-sourced ingredients like meat, rice and kimchi, especially the ribs, tenderloin and membrane meat, are grade 1, grade 1+ and grade 1++ Korean beef. Also considering the vegetarian guests, the owner offers bean and seasoned plum along with rice. Other particular delicacies you must try are Jeju sea urchin bibimbap and whelk soup. All the delicacies are put on beautiful plating to appeal to your appetite. Furthermore, if it’s your birthday, your meal in the restaurant will be served with kelp soup as a gift.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00
representative food Temple lotus leaf rice, Jeju sea-ear, sea urchin bibimbap, Seolhwa Korean beef set meal, Korean set meal
price/payment guide

· Rose Garden Restaurant     Contact :  053-629-5588      Information : 1330

· Rose Garden Restaurant     Contact :   053-629-5588      Information : 1330

· Rose Garden Restaurant
· Contact :  053-629-5588
· Information : 1330

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