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Baeksejeong Restaurant

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  • Baeksejeong Restaurant Baeksejeong Restaurant Baeksejeong Restaurant Baeksejeong Restaurant Baeksejeong Restaurant
    • · Address : 78, Yakryeong-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-255-3285
The owner changed his residence into a restaurant with the parterre full of wild flowers, offering fresh and delicious grilled fish meals to restaurant goers. Except for salt, there’s no artificial flavoring in the kitchen because the 2 cooks are both from the countryside. The most famous delicacies are braised mackerel with kimchi and seafood set meal. You are suggested to make a reservation in advance when coming for a visit from other areas because sometimes you need to wait for the table at noon. Drinking a bit of soju during your meal goes well with the dishes is another enjoyment.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00
representative food Grilled seafood set meals, braised mackerel with uenji
price/payment guide

· Baeksejeong Restaurant     Contact :  053-255-3285      Information : 1330

· Baeksejeong Restaurant     Contact :   053-255-3285      Information : 1330

· Baeksejeong Restaurant
· Contact :  053-255-3285
· Information : 1330

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