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Sangju Restaurant

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It’s a renowned restaurant specializing in loach cuisine with the longest history in Daegu. There’s no Chinese cabbage grown in extremely cold areas, and the loaches are in hibernation during winter. Therefore, the restaurant will be closed from Dec 21st ~ Feb 28th. The current owner’s mother (Cheon Taegyeom) was the initiator to run the business in the underground commercial areas 50 years ago, and now the daughter Cha Sangnam inherited her cooking skill and the business, which has been run for 60 years. The restaurant represents the quintessence of Gyeongsang-do loach soup, which is the beloved delicacy for the loach soup foodies from south areas and even all over Korea. The owner only uses the natural loaches for food, only is the loach soup in March ~ December the real Sangju loach soup. When missing your hometown in a certain corner of the urban city, there’s a Hanok where you can enjoy the real hometown cuisine, that’s Sangju Restaurant. The current owner Cha Sangnam would rather do everything herself to serve the guests with passion and sincerity, like pickling the Kimchi, filling the bowl with rice and cooking the soup. The only menu in this restaurant is the original loach soup which can be added with beef intestine for better flavor. It's only served with a bowl of rice and a plate of Kimchi, it’s unbelievably delicious. You don’t need to think about other cuisine because it’s the best restaurant for you to invigorate yourself with the loach soup during this hot summer days.
business hours AM 09:00 ~ PM 09:00< Dec 21st (this year)~ Feb 28th (next year) off>
representative food Loach soup, loach soup (with a bowl of rice)
price/payment guide

· Sangju Restaurant     Contact :  053-425-5924      Information : 1330

· Sangju Restaurant     Contact :   053-425-5924      Information : 1330

· Sangju Restaurant
· Contact :  053-425-5924
· Information : 1330

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