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Ilsin Duck Village Restaurant

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The restaurant presents the delicacies and nutrition with the new concept of infrared ray BBQ system, minimizing the roast time and eliminating the worry about smoke and smell with the loess thermal radiation, leaving a clean and comfy environment to the guests to enjoy the duck full of nutrition. The restaurant is located at the 3-fork next to Daegu airport towards Palgong Mountain, The owner uses a single species of loess lotus leaf to grill the meat, offering the special cuisine with special flavor. Furthermore, the shuttle bus with 15 seats is always on call for your convenience.
business hours AM 11:00 ~ PM 11:00
representative food Loess lotus leaf roast, loess smoked meat, smoked meat with Chinese medicine, loess lotus roast (with congee), smoked meat with Chinese medicine (with congee), braised duck (with duck meat), mushroom roast, seasoning
price/payment guide

· Ilsin Duck Village Restaurant     Contact :  053-984-9100      Information : 1330

· Ilsin Duck Village Restaurant     Contact :   053-984-9100      Information : 1330

· Ilsin Duck Village Restaurant
· Contact :  053-984-9100
· Information : 1330

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