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Haesong puffer Restaurant

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  • Haesong puffer Restaurant Haesong puffer Restaurant Haesong puffer Restaurant
    • · Address : 21-29, Yutongdanji-ro-8-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-382-2224
The Haesong Puffer Restaurant is famous for its grilled boneless puffer covered with bean sprout and spicy condiments. Besides, the puffer fried with the left roast condiments is also another yummy delicacy.
business hours AM10:00~PM22:00
representative food - Cooked puffer fish, - puffer fish lite soup (with rice), - puffer fish soup (with rice), - grilled puffer fish, - Milboktang soup (lite soup, with rice), - braised puffer fish, - kids beloved menus of fried pork chop, stirred rice bibimbap, braised seafood, braised anglerfish and braised ray
price/payment guide

· Haesong puffer Restaurant     Contact :  053-382-2224      Information : 1330

· Haesong puffer Restaurant     Contact :   053-382-2224      Information : 1330

· Haesong puffer Restaurant
· Contact :  053-382-2224
· Information : 1330

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