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Hanok Daegu Restaurant

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  • Hanok Daegu Restaurant Hanok Daegu Restaurant Hanok Daegu Restaurant Hanok Daegu Restaurant Hanok Daegu Restaurant
    • · Address : 168-2, Dongdeok-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-425-8653
The Korean pork shoulder and lean pork are the only selected ingredients braised or cooked for soup with Kimchi in this restaurant. The fermentative Kimchi means the Kimchi fermented for 7 months is the best fit for soup. The Hanok Kimchi is rare because it’s customized with the beloved ingredients. You can’t imagine how popular the Kimchi is with the supply of 400Kg/day and 10t/month. You can experience the happiness when dining here with a course of braised cuisine, a soup and the unlimited refills of the noodles. It’s really mouth-watering to enjoy the shredded Kimchi with abit acid flavor and shredded meat put in the spoon with rice, tender and chewy enough. The real flavor of Kimchi and meat can be tasted in Hanok Daegu Restaurant.
business hours AM10:20 ~ PM21:30
representative food Braised Kimchi, Kimchi soup
price/payment guide

· Hanok Daegu Restaurant     Contact :  053-425-8653      Information : 1330

· Hanok Daegu Restaurant     Contact :   053-425-8653      Information : 1330

· Hanok Daegu Restaurant
· Contact :  053-425-8653
· Information : 1330

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