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Gukil Fresh Ribs Restaurant

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The first owner (Lee Gyeongsu) started the business in 1975, and the current owner’s husband (Seo Itaek) earned the cooking skill during his 19-year culinary career, then the current owner inherited the business in 2000 and moved to 106-1 of Dongsan-dong in 2006 with the trademark of Gukil and legal person of Yu Jeongsuk (wife of Seo Itaek). Dated back to the very beginning, it’s been 33-year operation of the business. Aiming at inheriting the tradition and fame, the owner attended the CEO course on restaurant service and graduated successfully. It’s a restaurant specializing in fresh ribs cuisine with fresh & fine NO.1 Korean beef. The owner is the cook who prepares the cuisine herself after deoiling. The meat is grilled with oak wood to maintain the protein and fat, keeping the gravy well with the ripened meat, leaving you the both flavor of crispy outside and tender inside. The way to taste the meat is using the Allium victorialis leaves seasoned with lite condiments to wrap with. The best menu in this restaurant must be bean sauce soup cooked with the rib meat dipped in the bean sauce, bringing the perfect flavor. Only can those fine ribs present the white flower alike oil among the rib meat. It’s a cost-effective restaurant, whose owner would like to use up every ingredient to cook the cuisine, like the best welcomed bean sauce soup, which is boiled with the rib bone left from the grilled ribs.
business hours AM10:00 ~ PM22:00
representative food - Fresh ribs, - grilled meat, - seasoned ribs, - cold noodles, - beef soup, - rib soup, - healthy bibimbap
price/payment guide

· Gukil Fresh Ribs Restaurant     Contact :  053-252-8700      Information : 1330

· Gukil Fresh Ribs Restaurant     Contact :   053-252-8700      Information : 1330

· Gukil Fresh Ribs Restaurant
· Contact :  053-252-8700
· Information : 1330

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