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Nokyang Restaurant

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  • Nokyang Restaurant Nokyang Restaurant Nokyang Restaurant Nokyang Restaurant Nokyang Restaurant
    • · Address : 439-1, Jungangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-257-1796
It’s a Daegu representative fresh meat restaurant initiated by the current owner’s husband (Jo Yongsu) in 1973 and moved to the current address in 1981, since then, the current owner (Jeong Gyeonghei) has been running the business for 35 years till now. The owner’s husband (Jo Yongsu) runs another restaurant with the same trademark in Suseong-gu, dedicated to developing the fresh meat and stirred raw meat into the Daegu local delicacies. The owner only runs the fresh meat cuisine with their self-made sauce, which is the secret recipe of Nokyang. The bibbers in Daegu love ordering the fresh meat, slices of raw meat and grilled sirloin to go with Soju. Your ordering one main course will give you tens of pickles going with Soju. It’s a really famous restaurant that every bibber in Daegu must have visited.
business hours AM 12:00 ~ PM 12:00
representative food - Fresh meat, - selected platter, - beef intestine & tripe hot pot
price/payment guide

· Nokyang Restaurant     Contact :  053-257-1796      Information : 1330

· Nokyang Restaurant     Contact :   053-257-1796      Information : 1330

· Nokyang Restaurant
· Contact :  053-257-1796
· Information : 1330

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