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Daedong-gang Restaurant

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  • Daedong-gang Restaurant Daedong-gang Restaurant Daedong-gang Restaurant Daedong-gang Restaurant Daedong-gang Restaurant
The Daedong-gang restaurant, specializing in North Korean traditional cuisine with the history of 50 years, is located in the alley opposite to Bongdeok market. Learning from mother’s culinary skill from Pyeongyang, the current owner as the 2nd generation keeps the 50th year of business and inherits the North Korean traditional cooking way for the delicacies. The representative Pyeongyang hot soup with rice is a particular delicacy you can’t taste in other restaurants. (Hot soup with rice – put the rice into the chicken soup, and add the seasoned chicken, vermicelli fried with mushroom, and then fry them all into small pieces of mung beans pancake) The meat soup, cooked with the fresh hand-made cold noodles made of buckwheat flour, beef tendon, sirloin and marinated turnips, is lite and refreshing. The sundae (rice sausage) with plenty of ingredients like mushroom, pork, mung bean sprout, bean curd, sticky rice and millet is too delicious to reject. The Pyeongyang style dumplings are stuffed with beef, pork, mung bean sprout, Kimchi and pumpkin, which are so delicious that you want to be another regular. We must mention the lite, refreshing and chewy cold noodles, which is the favorite delicacy by the old from North Korea. The cold noodles and grilled stirred meat are also recommended here. It’s an identified cuisine restaurant by the programs shown on “Tasty TV” of MBC and “VJ Agent” of KBS in 2006 and 2007.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00
representative food - Grilled meat, - ribs soup, - dumplings, - Pyeongyang cold noodles, - Pyeongyang dumplings, - Pyeongyang hot soup with rice, - sundae (rice sausage)
price/payment guide

· Daedong-gang Restaurant     Contact :  053-471-3379      Information : 1330

· Daedong-gang Restaurant     Contact :   053-471-3379      Information : 1330

· Daedong-gang Restaurant
· Contact :  053-471-3379
· Information : 1330

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