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Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant

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  • Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant
    • · Address : 15, Hyeonchung-ro-15-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-629-0259
The Mat-Joheun-Gyo is the Daegu dialect of “How’s the flavor”. Along with the name, it creates a new concept of food culture specializing in puffer fish cuisine in Daegu. It has kept the blooming business for 17 years eventhough the alley location is negative. It’s the founder of the puffer fish cuisine with mushroom featuring high protein & low fat, however, its success is based on repeating tests. The owner is really admirable and respectable for his persistence on the “popularity of puffer fish cuisine”. The main course of this restaurant is puffer fish hot pot, which is the representative of the new concept cuisine with minimum loss of nutrients. The pan is double-deck design for boil with mushrooms, vegetables and puffer fish on top, and the ingredients like bean sprout, puffer fish bone, bamboo shoots and javan waterdropwort etc. below. The steam from the boiled lower deck will cook the top, thereby, you can taste the lite delicacy on top and the spicy soup below at the same time. The “Geongang Daeggil Bap” (Healthy Rice), Gyeongsang-do dialect of “very healthy rice”, is cooked with buckwheat, potatoes, lentils, corns, pumpkins, dry mushroom and gingko, along with the cold potherb to eat for the refreshing and special cuisine. Besides, the puffer fish pancake is famous among the kids and girls.
business hours AM12:00 ~ PM22:00
representative food - puffer fish mushroom hot pot, - puffer fish iron pan, - puffer fish pancake, - healthy rice
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· Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant     Contact :  053-629-0259      Information : 1330

· Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant     Contact :   053-629-0259      Information : 1330

· Mat-Joheun-Gyo Restaurant
· Contact :  053-629-0259
· Information : 1330

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