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Baekbok Suban Restaurant

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  • Baekbok Suban Restaurant Baekbok Suban Restaurant Baekbok Suban Restaurant Baekbok Suban Restaurant Baekbok Suban Restaurant
    • · Address : 391, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-656-8848
The Baekbok Suban Restaurant, located in the Apsan food village, is decorated with the traditional trinkets aswell as the wild flowers in a warm loess house, presenting a famous local food paradise with cozy and warm ambience. Stirred raw Harengula Zunasi Bleeker, Dolsot Gondeule set meal and the sauced crab set meal are the representative cuisine. The tasty Harengula Zunasi Bleeker, living on the loess sediments in Han-river and Imjin-river, is rich in nutrition for energy supplement. The cook uses Dolsot and the Gondeule from Cheongjeong area of Gangwon-do to make the Dolsot Gondeule rice, with delicious pickles and sauced ternip to create the best delicacy. The chef with 20-year experience seeks for the ingredients from Gangweon-do, Ganghwa-do and other areas throughout Korea, bringing the best cusine different from other Korean restaurants. You can’t imagine how much the owner cares the guests from details, even in the washroom, which was awarded Excellent Washroom Management Business.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 22:00
representative food - Gondeule jeongsik(regular meal), - Adenophora stricta jeongsik(regular meal), - Harengula Zunasi Bleeker jeongsik(regular meal), - Sauced crab jeongsik(regular meal)
price/payment guide

· Baekbok Suban Restaurant     Contact :  053-656-8848      Information : 1330

· Baekbok Suban Restaurant     Contact :   053-656-8848      Information : 1330

· Baekbok Suban Restaurant
· Contact :  053-656-8848
· Information : 1330

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