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Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant

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  • Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant
    • · Address : 12, Myeongdeok-ro-38-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-645-5435
Ilsong Myeongga is a restaurant specializing in braised sea bass. Named as “weever”, the sea bass, living deep in the cold south Pacific, is an ideal healthy cuisine for the hypertensive to ease blood pressure. The owner developed the braised cuisine with the neck meat, jowl meat and fish head from sea bass and another 3 seafoods of Daegu. regard to the name, the owner was incline to “braised sea bass” featuring easy-to-read rather than “braised walleye pollack”. The cuisine is a bit thick and spicy, seasoning the best tender and refreshing sea bass with a bit spicy flavor, leaving the viscous and moisturizing feeling in your mouth. The braised sea bass market was initiated by Ilsong Myeongga, who passed on the recipe to over 80 restaurants. The braised sea bass and Daegu braised cuisine are the representative menus. You may try plenty of delicacies of the season before eating the braised cuisine, making the perfect match for your dinner.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 10:00
representative food - Braised sea bass for 2, - braised sea bass for 4, - Daegu braised cuisine for 3
price/payment guide

· Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant     Contact :  053-645-5435      Information : 1330

· Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant     Contact :   053-645-5435      Information : 1330

· Ilsong Myeongga Restaurant
· Contact :  053-645-5435
· Information : 1330

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