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Hae Geumgang Restaurant

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  • Hae Geumgang Restaurant Hae Geumgang Restaurant Hae Geumgang Restaurant Hae Geumgang Restaurant Hae Geumgang Restaurant
    • · Address : 166, Sinamnam-ro, Dong-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-954-2323
It’s a traditional restaurant with business skill and delicacy inheritance dated from 1978, specializing in puffer fish cuisine. The cook is dedicated to the menu innovation with puffer fish cuisine for the upgrade of food culture style and the flavor satisfaction of different guests. Differentiated from the cuisine of patriarchal clan, their puffer fish is refreshing and lite, meeting the flavor of foreigners and the young. Every course can be concluded in “FRESH”, the fresh and fine gastrophysus lunaris and fresh self-planted healthy bean-sprout. The real delicacy of puffer fish cuisine can be attributed to the puffer fish soup, whose flavor is lite and delicious, meeting the flavor of modern foodies at all ages. The cook puts a flat plate in a huge iron pan to make the double-deck puffer fish hot pot, and puts the puffer fish, mushrooms, javan waterdropwort and Chinese chives into the pan for boiling; after boiling, the chewy puffer fish and potherb can be fetched out to eat with distinctive condiments. We bet that you’ve never tried such a delicious match before. The 2 favorite menus you can’t miss – the lite puffer fish soup with javan waterdropwort, Chinese cabbage, needle mushroom and turnip, as well as the hot puffer fish soup seasoned with spicy chilli powder. The soup boiled with rare gastrophysus lunaris and fugu rubripes or the chewy raw fugu rubripes are also available in this restaurant.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 11:00
representative food - Grilled puffer fish, - braised puffer fish/ braised ray, - gastrophysus lunaris double-deck hot pot, - fried puffer fish (going with Soju)
price/payment guide

· Hae Geumgang Restaurant     Contact :  053-954-2323      Information : 1330

· Hae Geumgang Restaurant     Contact :   053-954-2323      Information : 1330

· Hae Geumgang Restaurant
· Contact :  053-954-2323
· Information : 1330

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