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Neo Guli (The Old Fox) Restaurant

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  • Neo Guli (The Old Fox) Restaurant
    • · Address : 439, Jungangdae-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-255-7447
The restaurant was founded in the 1960s after the 6.25 war, whose founder (Jeong Jaein) was the fater-in-law of the current owner (Jo Insu). It’s been 47 years since the inheritance of son-in-law (Jo Insu). You may rest assured that all the beefs in this restaurant are Andong Korean beefs at the highest level and quality, provided from Hyangchon-dong raw meat business. ※ It’s a recommended restaurant by the Blue-ribbon Investigation.
business hours PM13:30 ~ PM24:00
representative food - Raw meat. –slices of raw meat ※ The menu price is subject to different restaurants, stirred raw meat, raw meat etc.
price/payment guide

· Neo Guli (The Old Fox) Restaurant     Contact :  053-255-7447      Information : 1330

· Neo Guli (The Old Fox) Restaurant     Contact :   053-255-7447      Information : 1330

· Neo Guli (The Old Fox) Restaurant
· Contact :  053-255-7447
· Information : 1330

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