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Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant

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  • Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant
    • · Address : 679-27, Gukchaebosang-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-254-0528
The recipe of Dongin-dong braised ribs has been specialized in spicy flavor with tutenag hollowware to dish up since 1963, whose unique feature has gained public praise gradually, forming the existing “Dongin-dong Braised Ribs Alley” at the both sides of this 100-meter street. Compared with the iron pan, the tutenag hollowware features better heat conduction, bringing the best chewy meat quality combined with all the condiments of the braised ribs, becoming a nation-wide popular native cuisine of Daegu, an ideal food to fete the foreign visitors.
business hours AM09:00 - PM00:00
representative food - Braised Korean beef ribs, - Braised Australian beef ribs
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· Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant     Contact :  053-254-0528      Information : 1330

· Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant     Contact :   053-254-0528      Information : 1330

· Myeongga Braised Ribs Restaurant
· Contact :  053-254-0528
· Information : 1330

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