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Miseong puffer fish Restaurant

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  • Miseong puffer fish Restaurant Miseong puffer fish Restaurant
    • · Address : 87, Deulan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-767-8877
The grilled puffer fish is roasted with boneless puffer fish and a bit spicy bean sprout. Daegu was the first city to mix the left condiments with the grilled puffer fish & roast meat going with Soju in 30 years ago. It’s pretty yummy to put some grilled puffer fish in the noodles, too. The soft & spicy delicacy is absolute the flavor of Daegu. It’s a restaurant specializing in grilled puffer fish, renowned for its flavor, wide space and cozy & warm environment, an ideal restaurant for puffer fish cuisine with American certified water purifier and self-planted healthy bean sprout. ※ It’s a recommended regular restaurant by the Blue-ribbon Investigation.
business hours AM09:00 ~ PM24:00
representative food - Grilled puffer fish, - soup or half soup, - puffer fish cuisine
price/payment guide

· Miseong puffer fish Restaurant     Contact :  053-767-8877      Information : 1330

· Miseong puffer fish Restaurant     Contact :   053-767-8877      Information : 1330

· Miseong puffer fish Restaurant
· Contact :  053-767-8877
· Information : 1330

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