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Bennigans Restaurant (Dongseong-ro Subbranch)

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It’s a family restaurant with the real chef, attracting the youth and family to visit for dinner.
business hours AM 11:30 ~ PM 10:30 reservation available
representative food Pasta, steak, fried chicken salad, mushroom creamy bacon pasta, triple combined steakJasmine ribs, Combo Fajita, Tex-Mex seafood rice
price/payment guide

· Bennigans Restaurant (Dongseong-ro Subbranch)     Contact :  053-424-8200      Information : 1330

· Bennigans Restaurant (Dongseong-ro Subbranch)     Contact :   053-424-8200      Information : 1330

· Bennigans Restaurant (Dongseong-ro Subbranch)
· Contact :  053-424-8200
· Information : 1330

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