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  • Pastamin Pastamin Pastamin Pastamin Pastamin
    • · Address : 157, Daemyeongnam-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-656-0385
The restaurant is configured with a European style balcony, offering the best original Italian cuisine with the owner’s visiting Venice for lots of times. The décor of the restaurant is combined with the traditional Italian style and environment-friendly nature to meet the guests in Daegu along with its 20 kinds of Italian delicacies and 3 kinds of Italian baked rice. More and more guests become the regulars in less than a year (it’s been less than a year since opening). You must come here to enjoy the moment if you want to taste a cup of tea and the delicious pasta in the outdoor balcony.
business hours AM 11:00 ~ PM 10:00, reservation unavailable
representative food Creamy pasta, milky pasta, creamy bacon, Italian baked seafood & bacon, seafood with tomatoes, smoked tomatoes with cream, seafood with olive, fried chicken salad with orange, garlic bread
price/payment guide

· Pastamin     Contact :  053-656-0385      Information : 1330

· Pastamin     Contact :   053-656-0385      Information : 1330

· Pastamin
· Contact :  053-656-0385
· Information : 1330

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