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Palazzo Restaurant

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Located opposite to the Boseong 3rd apartment of the Palgong Mountain entrance, the Palazzo Restaurant is an advanced traditional Italian restaurant featuring gorgeous amphitheatre style. The indoor magnificent décor presents the exact feeling of entering into an Italian theatre. The cook used to be the chef of the supreme hotel, cooking the best cuisine as always, and the manager and waiters/waitresses are so genial that you even don’t want to leave. The elaborate programs of 5-player symphony, dancing and singing create the best ambience along with the delicacies for the lovers, friends or families. Besides, there are banquet rooms for 20-50 guests available at the 2nd & 3rd floor.
business hours AM 11:00 ~ PM 12:00 reservation available
representative food Tenderloin steak with pepper, seafood pizza, seafood platter, mushroom platter, Chateaubriand beef, tenderloin steak, creamy seafood pasta
price/payment guide

· Palazzo Restaurant     Contact :  053-986-8200      Information : 1330

· Palazzo Restaurant     Contact :   053-986-8200      Information : 1330

· Palazzo Restaurant
· Contact :  053-986-8200
· Information : 1330

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