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Hoban Restaurant

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  • Hoban Restaurant Hoban Restaurant Hoban Restaurant
The general Italian delicacies are the main courses of this restaurant, which was once awarded the bronze prize in Deulan street food festival to prove its actual strength and fame. However, the owner will keep creating new menus to attract more foodies to visit. It can’t be the best moment to enjoy the delicacies outside the balcony with the cool breeze touching your face and appreciate the decent silence of the beautiful Suseong pond at night.
business hours AM 11:00 ~ PM 12:00 reservation available
representative food Tenderloin steak, tenderloin steak and butter grilled prawn, pepper cognac steak, tenderloin steak, seasoned steak with Korean mushroom, hamburger pasta, double-deck fried pork chop, mixture pizza, roasted butter honey bread, bread stick, seafood baked rice, baked rice with prawn, seafood pasta seasoned with sweet-spicy sauce, tomatoes seafood pasta, mushroom creamy pasta, seafood rice, seafood rice seasoned with chilli sauce, Lakeside special (seasoned steak + fruits + smoked chicken), tenderloin steak
price/payment guide

· Hoban Restaurant     Contact :  053-764-7700      Information : 1330

· Hoban Restaurant     Contact :   053-764-7700      Information : 1330

· Hoban Restaurant
· Contact :  053-764-7700
· Information : 1330

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