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Renaissance Restaurant

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  • Renaissance Restaurant Renaissance Restaurant Renaissance Restaurant Renaissance Restaurant Renaissance Restaurant
    • · Address : 407, Apsansunhwan-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-626-7770
    • · Website : http://www.rnss.co.kr/
    • · E-mail : ytj4448@yahoo.co.kr
The restaurant makes the foot of Apsan as the screen, initiated 22 years ago. It’s the oldest western restaurant in Daegu, offering the traditional steak with the representative menus of salad and safety steak. You can choose 18 kinds of delicacies from the salad bar like California roll, pizza, rolls and Sushi etc. Another recommended cuisine must be sea-ear, safety steak with the best frozen Korean beef as well as the seafood of fish, crab and shrimp. The owner uses only pure frozen Korean beef for tender meat. Furthermore, the owner provides different menus with different ambience in each floor to impress the guests. 1st floor: cost-effective menus with different buffets and western cuisine, suitable for birthday feast or different gathering dinners; 2nd floor: Maria Joe wine bar and steak house, spacial and tranquil environment ideal for couple dating or friends gathering; The roof garden rest room is similar to the observation deck for the landscape of Apsan, presenting beer and smoked cuisine for those aged 30~50 participating the banquet, along with the appetizer buffet for better communication. The spacial parking lot is free for the climbers towards Apsan for morning exercise till 10am.
business hours AM 10:00 ~ PM 12:00 reservation available
representative food Safety Korean beef steak, salad bar, safety steak
price/payment guide

· Renaissance Restaurant     Contact :  053-626-7770      Information : 1330

· Renaissance Restaurant     Contact :   053-626-7770      Information : 1330

· Renaissance Restaurant
· Contact :  053-626-7770
· Information : 1330

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