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Gidan Restaurant

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  • Gidan Restaurant Gidan Restaurant Gidan Restaurant Gidan Restaurant Gidan Restaurant
    • · Address : 197-1, Jungangdae-ro-22-gil, Nam-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-474-7275
Gidan means the foundation platform of the construction. The owner endeavors to provide better Sushi and sashimi than those in Japan to the guests. The hall is comprised of the bar counter for 3 and 3 rooms. The representative menus are natural live fish sashimi and Sushi. The dishes with huge plates to dish up have been cancelled with the delicacies testing the real culinary skill of the cook instead. The cook keeps creating new menus with enlightened cooking skill to persuade those guests who used to reject Sushi to try the fresh delicacies. It’s the first restaurant to present the whale in Daegu, saving the troubles for the guests to enjoy the fresh whale sashimi in Jangsaengpo or Guryongpo. You must be another regulars of this restaurant because the owner presents the cuisine with elaborate food materials with passion at a low price.
business hours PM 04:00 ~ AM 02:00 (Wed. & Sun. Off / Week)
representative food Jeju flatfish, sashimi platter, chef selected sashimi set meal, Gidan special, flatfish with east sea spring leaf, sashimi Sushi, spicy soup, special Sushi, octopus with rice
price/payment guide

· Gidan Restaurant     Contact :  053-474-7275      Information : 1330

· Gidan Restaurant     Contact :   053-474-7275      Information : 1330

· Gidan Restaurant
· Contact :  053-474-7275
· Information : 1330

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