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Gohyangjip Kalguksu

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  • Gohyangjip Kalguksu Gohyangjip Kalguksu Gohyangjip Kalguksu Gohyangjip Kalguksu
    • · Address : 93, Songla-ro (Sincheon-dong), Dong-gu, Daegu
    • · Contact : 053-751-6850
Located in Dong-gu’s Sincheon-dong (Songla-ro) area and having been introduced in a gastronomy pamphlet in 2014 as a “delicious noodle restaurant,” Gohyangjip Kalguksu is a kalguksu restaurant that has been run by members of the same family for three generations. It also operates the conjoined barbeque meat restaurant (Jaebau Cham Sutbul) on the first floor, which serves Korean beef and pork. If you head toward Sincheon Station intersection from Sinam Underpass, you will see the restaurant near Exit 1 of Sincheon Station. The large size of the building and clearly-labeled signboard make it easy to spot, and those who come by car will be happy to find that there is a large parking lot next to the restaurant building. The restaurant occupies the second and third floors of a four-story building. The second floor features small private rooms and short-legged tables for sitting on the floor, while the third floor consists entirely of reservation-only seating. The restaurant also has a large banquet hall that can accommodate up to 100 people. The most popular item on the menu is kalguksu. Other delicacies served here include chapssal sujebi, chapssal sundae, ambbong, and suyuk. Having been in business for 31 years, the restaurant insists on making its kalguksu using traditional, home-cooking methods, including rolling out the dough for the noodles with a traditional wooden roller. The broth is made with a diverse combination of 12 ingredients, including red crab, anchovy, and dried kelp, and is boiled for over four hours. Due to such dedication and attention to detail, the broth has a deep, rich flavor, and the noodles are wonderfully firm and chewy. Another unique characteristic of this restaurant is that it tops its kalguksu with stir-fried beef.
business hours 10:00 ~ 22:00
representative food Kalguksu 6,000 / Deulkkae kalguksu 7,000 / Chapssal sujebi 8,000 / Gamasot gomtang 8,000 / Goditang 7,500 / Mandu (Dumplings) 4,000 / Suyuk Ambbong Sundae (small: 23,000, large: 28,000) / Beef tartare (200 grams) 20,000 / Bindaetteok 8,000 / Pajeon 8,000 / Gaori muchim 15,000 / Tteokguk (winter only) 7,000 / Kongguksu (summer only) 7,000 / Mul naengmyeon 6,000 / Bibim naengmyeon 7,000
price/payment guide credit cards accepted

· Gohyangjip Kalguksu     Contact :  053-751-6850      Information : 1330

· Gohyangjip Kalguksu     Contact :   053-751-6850      Information : 1330

· Gohyangjip Kalguksu
· Contact :  053-751-6850
· Information : 1330

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