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/ Youngju
Trip to the Silla Dynasty,
leaving for Daegu and the Lordship
AM 10 : 30
Daegu’s cultural heritage
  • ·33m Stone Buddha
  • ·Heritages such as Dangganjiju, Daewoongjeon, Geuklakjeon
PM 13 : 30
Mt.Palgongsan Cable Car
Daegu’s cable car
  • ·Mt.Palgongsan’s beauty from the cable car
  • ·Enjoy some tea at the top
PM 16 : 30
Make a wish
  • ·Make a wish on the Gat Stone Buddha
  • ·4m Stone Buddha
AM 10 : 30
Where sunbi’s studied
  • ·Sa-aek Seowon where Toegye Yi-Hwang built
  • ·Confucianism portrayed in the museum
PM 13 : 30
Sunbi Village
Become a sunbi
  • ·Experience tradition
  • ·Sunbi village is a great experience
PM 16 : 00
Buseog temple
  • ·Sobaek Mountain’s view from Muryangsujeon
  • ·Beautiful sunset from Buseoksa

Daegu / Andong

/ Andong
From the Joseon Dynasty
to the modern times, travel to the past.
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Hyanggyo
School built by Taejo
  • ·Traditional physics and Myungshimbogam class
  • ·Traditional marriage procedures
PM 13 : 00
Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park
400 years of history at Gyeongsang-gamyoung
  • ·Look at old buildings such as Sunhwadang
  • ·Dongseongro, Bukseongro, museums are all located at a similar area
PM 15 : 00
Daegu Modern History Museum
Daegu Modern history in one glance
  • ·See how Daegu Eupseong was torn down
  • ·Meet Old Daegu in the Buyoung bus
PM 16 : 30
Daegu Modern Alley
A roofless museum
  • ·Modern history museum in a street
  • ·Alleyways to see Geundae architecture
AM 10 : 30
Andong Hahoe Village
Korea's representative Yangban village
  • ·The most famous folk culture village in Korea
  • ·Andong Hahoe Village enjoying Andong Soju, Hut Sisabi, Andong KangMackerel, Andong City
PM 13 : 30
Korea’s upper-class village
  • ·Korea’s most famous Folk village
  • ·Andong soju, Andong Mackerel, Andong Gooksi (noodle) are all accessible at Hahwae Village The cradle of Youngnam education
PM 16 : 30
Bongjeong temple
Youngnam education sanshil
  • ·Explore the education facilities
  • ·Nature beauty around the area


Experience history
and science throughout
AM 10 : 30
Lee Sang Hwa, Sang Sang Don old house
Following the steps of an independence activist
  • ·“Does spring come even in a stolen field”, an anti-Japan activist - Lee Sang Hwa home
  • ·The house that started the government bond compensation movement
PM 13 : 30
Museum of Medical Missionary Works
Youngnam Modern history’s medical history
  • ·Missionary Chamlis’ house is now a museum
  • ·Youngnam Modern history’s medical advancement such as the anesthetic from 1950 moves you Venture into science
PM 15 : 30
Daegu National Science Museum
Venture into science
  • ·Play with your kids at the science playground
  • ·Study biology and astronomy
AM 10 : 30
Changnyung Kyodong Tomb
Gaya people
  • ·Gobungun known as the 2nd Gyoungju
  • ·The Japanese took the historical relics and valuables which is a hurtful past
  • ·Walk through Gobungun
PM 13 : 30
Changnyung Stone Ice Storage
Joseon’s natural fridge
  • ·Joseon’s ice storage a.k.a treasure no. 310
  • ·Changnyeong Eup-nae, but looks like Gobun
PM 15 : 00
Changnyung Silla King-Jin Heung Monument
A stone tablet that contains Shinla’s history
  • ·Relax at a temple as a get away
  • ·Korea’s oldest wooden building Geuklakjeon
PM 16 : 30
Changnyung Suljeongri-dong, west three-storied stone pagoda
Meet national treasures
  • ·Meet national treasure 34 and treasure 520 west 3 Storey Stone Tower and east 3 Storey Stone Tower
  • ·The West 3-Story Stone Tower is said to be as beautiful as Seokgatap
PM 18 : 00
Upo Wet
A living museum
  • ·More than 1000 kinds of organisms with the most bird migration traffic in the nation
  • ·Rent a bike and ride around the pathway
AM 10 : 30
Hapcheon Video Theme Park
Set-up trip to find scenes in movies
  • · Famous for film, drama, music video filming sites such as
  • · Places where Japanese people find remains of sculptures and moved to Japan
  • · Time spent walking in alleys in school uniforms from 1970 to 1980
PM 13 : 30
Haein Temple
Archaeological site of the Archaeological Remains of the Tripitaka Koreana
  • ·One of the three major temples in Korea that have 1,000 years of Silla history
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Haeinsa Preserves the Tripitaka Koreana (80 Million Tripitaka)
PM 16 : 00
Tripitaka Park
A place where one can answer the question of the Tripitaka Koreana.
  • ·Theme park theme park where you missed the sight of yourself.
  • ·Learn the history of the Tripitaka Koreana, the production process, and the preservation method.
AM 11: 30
Daegaya history theme sightseeing spot
Set-up trip to find scenes in movies
  • ·Famous for film, drama, music video filming sites such as
  • ·The site where the Japanese excavated artifacts from Japan and moved to Japan.
  • ·Time spent walking in an alley alley wearing uniforms from 1970 to 1980
PM 13 : 30
Daegaya Museum
Daegaya culture, artifacts, history at a glance
  • ·Daegaya is the only museum in Daegaya that can see the history, culture and customs of Daegaya at a glance.
  • ·Children's experience room for children to learn Daegaya culture
  • ·Daegaya Royal Tombs Exhibition Hall
PM 15 : 30
Jisan-dong tomb group
King Daegaya and the Tombs of the Nobles
  • ·King Daegaya and the Tombs of the Nobles
  • ·The first unearthed in Korea, Sun Jangmyo Tomb, Jisan-dong 44 and 45
  • ·A spectacular view of the tombs from a distance

Daegu / Gyoungju

/ Gyoungju
Exciting trips
across the city and sea
AM 10 : 30
Daegu Shooting Range
Become a sniper
  • ·Enjoy using a real gun
PM 13 : 30
Good place to take a photo
  • ·Take a selfie at Hajungdo plain
  • ·A place that changes every season
  • ·Play hide and seek at a field of reedsd
PM 15 : 00
Theme park date
  • ·Millions of lights a festivity at all events
AM 10 : 30
Yundong Aquatic experience village
Extreme sport heaven
  • ·watch over the sea
  • ·Kayak, snorkeling, fishing etc.
PM 13 : 30
Bomun Tourism Complex
Gyoungju’s recreational center
  • ·Enjoy the more city vibes
  • ·Cherry blossom everywhere in spring
PM 15 : 30
Silla’s graves meet the eye
  • ·Look like hills
  • ·Show the children Chunmado
PM 17 : 30
World recognized heritage
  • ·Gyoungju’s historic sites have been registered under UNESCO world heritage list
  • ·Cheomseongdae’s view of the stars
PM 19 : 00
Gyeongju Donggung and WoljI
Night view at Wolji
  • ·The palace where Silla prince stayed
  • ·Romantic vibes perfect for a date
  • ·Become a person of Silla

Daegu / Mungyeong

/ Mungyeong
Enjoy a leisurely walk
with nature
AM 10 : 30
mabijong Mural Village
Stroll through Sangol Village
  • ·Country vibes, enjoy the food and peace as you breathe in the countryside air
PM 13 : 30
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area
A delicate place of Campsis Grandifloria
  • ·Famous cotton field of Moon ik jeom
  • ·Walk across the stone wall
PM 15 : 30
Daegu Arboretum
Green resting place between apartments
  • ·From a rubbish dump to an Arboretum
  • ·25 theme gardens
AM 10 : 00
Munkyung Rail Road
Walk on train tracks
  • ·Ride a rail bike cross an aborted Rail Road
PM 11 : 30
gomo Fortress
Times of the 3 nations
  • ·Walk Youngnamdaero
  • ·Look at the natural fortress
PM 13 : 30
Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park
Youngnam sunbi’s favorite walkway
  • ·3 gateways
PM 15 : 00
Mungyeongsaejae Open set
Become the main character of a historic drama
  • ·Experience remakes of actual historic sites
PM 17 : 00
Mungyeong General Hot Spring
Resting the body
  • ·Enjoy some spas with calcium and alkali

Daegu / Ulsan

/ Ulsan
Now, let's leave! To the East Sea!
It leaves for a whale.
AM 11 : 00
Bullo-dong Tomb Park
A four colored adventure
  • ·Gobungun which has the tombs of those from the period of the Three States
  • ·Osol-way pathway
  • ·The harmony of tombs and buildings
PM 13 : 30
Bulo-dong traditional market
A market where people interact
  • ·A special theme market open every 5th and 10th of each month
  • ·Street music performance, buskers
PM 15 : 00
DTC Textile Museum
The green resting place between apartments
  • ·Fashion museum which contains all the trends since 1900
  • ·Get a look at the fiber industries history
PM 17 : 00
Ayang Railroad
The transformation of an abandoned Rail Road
  • ·This has been transformed into a place to visit
  • ·On the bridge there is a bridge museum and cafe
  • ·The water and colorful lights are very nice to see as it glosses in your eyes
AM 11 : 00
Ulju Ban-gu dae Petroglyph
The stone art on the massive stone wall from prehistoric ages
  • ·It is at where the water meets the cliff, in Taehwa River’s tributary Ddaegokchun
  • ·The art work portrays sea creatures, people, tools and various whales, world’s first whaling remains Study the stone art
  • ·A museum where you can hear the details of the Bangudaeamgakhwa such as introduction, realistic imagery or the meaning behind the drawings
PM 13 : 00
Ulsan Petroglyph Museum
Study pictures painted in petroglyph
  • ·Museum where you can learn more about the monumental petroglyphs
  • ·Exhibition of monumental rock artifacts, introduction to rock art, prehistoric life
PM 15 : 30
Taehwa River a strip of wood
Enjoy a nature adventure in the green forest
  • ·The green within the city at all four seasons
  • ·Take a break at the bamboo bathing area
  • ·The pathway that Taehwa riverside made
AM 11 : 00
Shinhwa Village
The artwork village Settlement of immigrants
  • ·As Ulsan industrial complex was coming up in the 60s, artists, poets and carvers created this wall of art and recreated this area, with whales as the topic, from east to west the story that it tells is various1960
PM 13 : 30
Jangsaengpo Whale Museum
The relic’s leftover from the whale hunting days
  • ·Jangsengpo is the only whale museum as it was the main whale hunting area, it has Jinyang 6, which was used as a whale hunting boat until 1985
PM 15 : 30
Jangsaengpo Whale culture village
Feel the old whale hunting village
  • ·Old Jangsengpo village is a recreation of the 60~70s and recreated the whole village and whale dissection process with unending stories

Daegu / Chungsong

Daegu / Chungsong
The splendor of the city
and the splendor of nature
AM 10 : 30
Kim Gwangseok-gil Street
Kim Gwangseok-gil Street
  • ·Take photos to leave memories with the beautiful artwork
  • ·Visit themed cafes matched with Kim Kwang Seok’s time period
  • ·Make a dalgona to share and venture through nostalgia
PM 13 : 30
Suseong Park
No. 1 date course for young couples
  • ·Ride a duck boat
  • ·Try the cafes at the circumference of the lake
  • ·Watch the water show
PM 15 : 00
Mt. Apsan Observatory
Look down onto Daegu city night
  • ·Get on a cable car and take a sneak peak
  • ·Let the sunset put you in awe
PM 18 : 00
Anjirang Gopchang Town
Delicious and vibey mukja Alley (food alley)
  • ·Try the marinated intestines and intestines
  • ·Youth and energy pumps the environments mood
AM 11 : 00
Bang Ho Jung
The craving of knowledge of our ancestors
  • ·A place where sunbi’s studied
  • ·Bangho Jo Jun Do put a belvedere where he can see his mother’s grave
PM 13 : 00
Dalgi mineral spring
A mineral spring found during construction
  • ·Good for stomach problems, light headed people, migraine
  • ·Many chicken soup restaurants cook with this mineral spring
PM 14 : 30
Juwangs mountain
The autumn leaves and stones harmony
  • ·Anyone can walk through Juwangsan and enjoy looking at the stones, Daejeon-sa (Temple), waterfall, Juwangam and more
PM 17 : 30
A mysterious lake where a spirit may reside
  • ·A famous site for movie filming
  • ·Due to the beautiful view, many amateur photographers come
  • ·Check out Jusanji from the deck
AM 10 : 00
songso old house
A silent day in a traditional Korean building
  • ·Stay a day in a Korean-style house of an upper class family
  • ·Jong-ga food, following traditional recipes trough the ages
  • ·A the senior branch of a family, Cheongsong shim’s architecture
PM 12 : 30
Cheongsong 5th day
Plenty of food at the Traditional Market
  • ·Seasonal herbs and foods matching that
  • ·Biggest Traditional Market in Cheongsong district
PM 14 : 00
oessibeoseon road(2 sections)
A slow city path that looks is described as waesshibeosun
  • ·A path that offers natural healing, Wae’s Beosun Trail which is a shape of the Beosun in Jo Ji Won’s poem, “Buddhist dance (Seung-moo)”
  • ·To complete slow city way, you must complete 5 hours’ worth of walking to Gotaek (Old houses), Solbat (grove of pines), Jungja (pavilion) and Culture and Eco Trail
PM 16 : 00
Gaekju literary Museum
Meeting the narrative
  • ·‘Gaekju’, is a narrative written about sales people, the author, Kim Ju Yong, walked around markets and wrote it for 5 years
  • ·There is a video lecture and other facilities based on this narrative

Daegu / Pohang / Youngduk

Gourmet travel
from the city to the sea
AM 10 : 30
Seomun Night Market
Daegu’s biggest Traditional Market
  • ·The market has formed since the 17th Century, where 70% of the marketers sell apparel, curtains, blankets or clothes, and becomes a night market after sunset
PM 13 : 00
Samsong Bakery
Daegu’s national bread flavor
  • ·Bakery tour for all the bread lovers at Samsong bakery’s ‘Drug Bread’, which means so addictive, causing a huge hit for youth of Daegu
PM 14 : 00
Dongsung-ro  alley
Youth of Daegu
  • ·A street filled with Daegu’s youth
  • ·Grapefruit Bingsoo (Ice flakes), mango bingsoo, coffee bingsoo and many more
PM 16 : 30
Dongin-dong ribs of beef alley
Spicy rib stew of Daegu
  • ·Ribs are tender and soft, having salty and sweet flavor. At the end, fried rice with the sauce makes it even better
AM 10 : 00
Jukdo Market
Seafood at its finest
  • ·Pohang Traditional Market
  • ·Alive fish, gwamegi and more various fishery products
PM 12 : 30
Pohang Cruise
Pohang’s romance
  • ·Travel across Pohang on a boat and choose course A or B to go the deep sea of Dongbinnae harbor
PM 16 : 00
Mori noodles
Mori Gooksoo, a bowl of noodle with fisher’s soul
  • ·Guryongpo fishers usually have had this dish for generations; put a monkfish, Korean herbs and beansprouts with some chili sauce and garlic to make an unimaginable flavor
  • ·Try the warm dish, experience fisher’s life indirectly and heat up your body with healthy ingredients
PM 17 : 30
Unforgettable sunrise spot
  • ·East end of Korea map, tail of tiger
  • ·Why not check out the uprising hand
AM 10 : 30
HaemajI Park
The meeting of the sea and Haesong (Species of Pine)
  • ·In Youngduk, the Haesong trees cover the beach, making a moving feeling of this unusual view
  • ·Walk through Haean-road along the beach and see the Youngduk king crab’s large clippers
PM 12 : 00
Wind farm
A power plant which uses air
  • ·A windmill of 60m, an environmentally-friendly way to generate energy, can be a good place to educate kids about the windmill by staying in the windmill or let them enjoy time at the playground
PM 13 : 30
Gyeongjeong Cold Raw Fish Soup
Youngduk’s seafood
  • ·the cold raw fish soup, sashimi and king crab is something you have to experience before you leave
PM 15 : 00
blue road
The superb view of the sea
  • ·Walk with the East Sea by your side, get stamps for clearing each path and get a medal of blue road

Daegu / Sungju / Gimchon /Gumi

Exploring history
as if looking for treasure near Daegu
AM 10 : 30
Dodongseowon Confucian Academy
The history about education of the ancestors
  • ·See the treasures such as the lotus on the stairs, and search for hidden aesthetics
  • ·Find the 12 sides of Gidan
PM 13 : 00
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area
The mood of a fine old town like a trumpet creeper
  • ·The village where the descendants of the municipal municipal office, which brought cotton cotton, gather, and the cotton field is fixed at the entrance.
  • ·National photographers flock to the summer when plum blossoms on the stone walls
PM 15 : 30
mabijong Mural Village
Whole village art works
  • ·The landscape of Brissl Mountain
  • ·Enjoy the food made by residents such as Kalguksu, Pajeon, and Boribab
PM 17 : 30
Samunjin inn town
Enjoy the old Nakdong River
  • ·Enjoy a river ride on a cruise ship
  • ·Nakdonggang enjoying the view of the ocean and enjoying a rice stew
AM 11 : 00
Hangae village
Relaxing time in the quit and still village
  • ·Experience Seongju Hangae-maeul (Village), understand Jongga-jip and read planks hung on the houses
PM 13 : 00
Outer forest
Wolverine tree forest that became a shelter for everyone
  • The Salix tree has protected its position for generations, take a look at mother nature’s grace
PM 14 : 30
Prince Taesil of King Sejong
Taeshil’s hall
  • ·Check it out by going through the pine trees
  • ·Figure out what the structure is and study it with your children
PM 16 : 30
Geumo Mountain cable ca
The cable car ride
  • ·Experience fresh air of Mt. Kumohs on the cable car, and also visit Haewoon-sa, Dosungul, Daehae falls
AM 11 : 00
Geumo Sewon
Pyongwon’s Korean Seowon
  • ·Korean scholar, Giljae (1353–1419), was appointed here
  • ·Confucianism was widely practiced here by his scholars
PM 14 : 00
Jikji temple
See the cultural heritage at the temple
  • ·Stone towers at Daewoongjeon with 1000 Buddhas at Birojeon
  • ·Sungbo museum with national treasures
PM 17 : 00
Jikjisa train Station
Transformation of a train Station
  • ·Jikjisa train Station cafe for a cup of tea
  • ·Kids library within history

Daegu / Chungdo / Milyang

/ Milyang
Deep taste and dark scenery
blend together
AM 11 : 30
Old Alley with many stories
  • ·Historical stories were written in the Alley with the Dalsung Seo’s rich people area Sit in a room with a cup of tea
PM 14 : 00
Mido coffee shop
Sit in a room with a cup of tea
  • ·Famous stay houses for poets since the 80s; enjoy their most famous menus, Yak-cha, Ssanghwa-cha, old cookie and sugar ginger
PM 15 : 00
Yagjeon Restaurant
Jingolmok taste houses
  • ·Jang Geun Seok (Korean famous actor)’s house in
  • ·Group sashimi and traditional Korean feast are menus for greeting visitors Train Station to a wine storage
AM 10 : 00
Cheongdo wind tunnel
Train Station to a wine storage
  • ·The train that connects Seoul and Busan 110 years ago
  • ·100% persimmon wine
  • ·See the artworks inside the tunnel
PM 12 : 00
Daejeog temple
Small Buddha’s world
  • ·Shinla King Hun-gung made Millenium review
  • ·Treasure no. 836, Geuklakjeon, is Buddhist sanctum decorated with drawings of lobsters, crabs, flowers
  • ·Even better in autumn
PM 14 : 30
Cheongdo Bull Fight theme park
  • ·Only cow themed amusement park
  • ·Study King Sejong the Great’s history
PM 16 : 30
Unmun temple
Biguni temple (Buddhist nunnery)
  • ·Where Ilyeon monk made samgookyoosa
  • ·Old trees with historical worth: laying pine tree which is Natural monument No. 180 and 450 year old ginkgo tree
AM 10 : 00
Ice valley cable car
Youngnam Alps in your eye
  • ·1.8km longest cable car, over Youngnam Alps such as Mt.Jaeyak, Mt.Baek-un and Mt.Chunhwang
  • ·Check the white tiger stone
AM 11 : 30
Pyochung temple
Temple with national treasures
  • ·A temple with 1000 years of history
  • ·National treasure No. 75 Chungdonghameunhyangwan (Incense burner), and No.467 3-Storey Stone Tower
PM 13 : 30
Miryang Traditional Market
100 years Traditional Market
  • ·Take a stroll in the markets, and feel the history and eat the farmed crops
  • ·Amazing traditional restaurant, Dangol-jip’s signature menus are Pyeon-yuk (Jerky-typed meat slice) and pork soup
PM 15 : 00
Beauty of 1 Youngnamru
  • ·Chokseok-ru in Jinju, Bubyeok-ru in Pyeongyang, and Yongnam-ru are the 3 nugaks of Korea
  • ·Embrace the sunset, at yongnamru