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Jewelry making program

❍ Program contents: ‘Daegu Fashion Jewelry Town’ is acomprehensive space, which can take place sales, display andproduction of jewelry in one place. Visitors will be able to see exhibitionsand experience the jewelry-related programs.(experiencing traditional jewelry enamel, making a silver ring(1,2), making atable clock, creating your own key chains)❍ Time required : 30min.~90min.❍ Venue : Fashion Jewelry Town, 3rd floor, Experience Center

Enquiry 053-661-2357(Telephone or Online booking)
Address Across from DongA Dept. Store, 38-6, Dongmun-dong Jung-gu, Daegu
Kim Gwangseok-gil Street

Kim Gwangseok-gil Street is a mural street near Bangcheon Market where the now deceased Kim Gwangseok used to live.The 350m long wall has statues and murals depict his life and music.Every autumn, the area of Bangcheon Market and Dongseongro hosts a “Kim Gwangseok’s Singing Contest.”

Enquiry 070-811-3024
Address Daebong-dong, Jung-gu, Daegu
Oriental medicine beauty tour

❍ Program contents: Tourists can experience Daegu’s unique oriental medicine culture which is getting an skin test, taking oriental medicine massage care and going shopping for oriental medicine cosmetic by utilizing Daegu’s superior oriental medicine infrastructure.❍ Duration: 1hour~1hour 30minutes❍ Venue: “Soriso”at the fourth floor in a souvenir shop located opposite Deagu yangnyeongsi museum of oriental medicine

Enquiry 053-743-0095, chief of the headquarters Kwon kyeon
Automobile Parts Street

This market, which was originally located in Daeshin-dong, was moved to its currenet location after the creation of a shopping center around Seomun Market. The markert began to thrive after the Korean War, as refugees flocked in from all over the nation.Sale Items:Automobile PartsBusiness Hours:09:00 AM ~ 10:00 PM

Enquiry Depending the store.
Address Namsan-dong Area, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea
Farm Culture Experiences

❍ Program Contents : People can distinguishingly experience farm culture, lifestyle and food with beautiful scenery and fresh air in each season at Guam Village located at the middle of Mt. Palgong.❍ Introduction▶ Planting Crops and Sowing Seeds Experiences- Experience to learn the value of a land by planting potatoes orsweet potatoes and sowing a variety of seeds such as lettuces,spring onions, spinach on farms.▶ Harvest Experiences- Seasonal harvest experiences such as digging up potatoes andonions, picking apples and cherry tomatoes, catching locusts,picking up chestnuts and so on.❍ ProgramClassificationGuam Farm StayRemarksWebsitewww.gooam.krwww.gooam.comVenueInquiry☏ 053-985-5274☏ 053-984-5273Spring activities·Picking cherry tomatoes ·Planting wild flowers, a seeding, chili seeds, herbs. ·Plowing a field·Planting wild flowers, chilli seeds·Picking strawberries and plumsSummer activities·Picking cherry tomatoes ·Digging potatoes·Catching loaches·Digging potatoes ·Planting a seeding·Catching loachesAutumn activities·Digging and eating sweet potatoes, carrots,kohlrabi·Picking apples, sweet persimmons, plums·Catching loaches, locusts ·Roasting beans·Digging and eating sweet potatoes ·Roasting beans ·Picking apples, sweet persimmons ·Gathering ChestnutWinter activities·Eating and roasting potatoes, sweet potatoes and chestnuts, ginkgo nuts, Gukhwappang on a wood fire·Eating and roasting sweet potatoes and GukhwappangAnnual experience·Making and Eating tofu, Kal-guksu(noodle), Injeolmi(rice cake), Sujebi(hand-torn noodle), Kimchi, Jeon(Korean pancake), Gukhwappang,Gukbop(rice soup)General experience·Dyeing with natural ingredients ·Making natural soap·Catching a larva and a imago ofRhinoceros Beetle, a larva of Stag Beetle·Making a kite, a doorplate, wood animals and insects, a Korean traditional totem pole,insect specimens·Riding a tractor ·Animal farm tour and Nature observationFree programs·Crushing with a tread mill ⁄ a mortar mill·Carrying Korean A-frame ·Yut-Nori (Korean board game) ·Jegi Chagi (Korean hacky sack) ·Top-spinning game

Enquiry 053-985-5274, 053-984-5273
Address 8, Guam-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
Yangnyeongsi well-being experience

❍ Program contents: You can find medicinal herbs according to body type, and check the balancing food for your body in Daegu Yangnyeongsi of the 350-year-long traditions. Hand-on experience programs include drinking traditional herbal tea, trying on Korean traditional clothing, feet bathing experience etc and enjoy diverse Herb Medicine cultures.ProgramDurationFeeremarksFeet bathing in herb medicine20 minutes5,000wonA feet bathing with a concoction of various medicinal herbs for boosting blood circulationMaking Herbal Soap20 minutes3,000wonChoose herbal ingredients according to your skin type.Making oriental natural air freshener20 minutes5,000wonUse 7 fragrant herbal ingredients to make an oriental natural air freshener.Making an oriental mist10 minutes5,000wonA mist for moisturizingMaking an oriental lip balm10 minutes4,000wonMake an oriental lip balm to keep your lips moist.Try on doctor’s costumesFor freeTry on Huh-Joon and Dae-Jang-Geum dress.Drink traditional herbal teaFor freeTry Sipjundaebo-tang brewed with domestic ingredients.Self Health ExaminationFor freeCheck your vitals, height and weight.

Enquiry 053-253-4729, Mr. Chanjo Park (010-8543-8965)
Address 51-3 Namseongno(415-gil 49 Dalgubeol-daero), Jung-gu, Daegu

Located in Yongsan-dong, Dalseo-gu, "Dreampia" is an official shop of Daegu's joint brand Chimeric that offers all Chimeric products, along with a collection of premium Chimeric products at its concept store.Chimeric is a joint brand of Daegu Metropolitan City that was established to support and further develop the city's unique products, such as fabric, eye glasses, shoes, crystal, industrial art products and jewelry.Sale Items:clothes, bedding, shoes, jewelry, woodcrafts ets. products of chimericBusiness Hours10:00 AM ~ 08:30 PM (closed on second Tuesday of the month)

Enquiry 053-572-0010
Address 1487, Dalgubeol-daero, Dalseo-gu, Daegu, Korea
Dong-gu Folk Craft Exhibition Center

Located within the Dong-gu Bullo marketplace, "Dong-gu Folk Craft Exhibition Center" is a place where various products from 40-50 wooden art shops in the Bullo and Bongmu-dong areas are on a permanent display and also where first-hand experience in wooden arts and crafts is available (for groups of 10 or more only, available only through prior arrangement).

Enquiry 053-981-1917
Address 7-2, Palgong-ro 30-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu, Korea
Velvet Gallery Youngdodaum

Youngdodaum is the first professional velvet culture space in the world established by Youngdo Velvet, the world’s largest velvet manufacture company. With gross surface area of 1,300 square meters on the 1st and 3rd floors underground, Youngdodaum displays and sells various products developed by Youngdo Velvet such as velvet fashion clothes, bags, scarves, and beddings. Velvet Experience Center and EducationCenter are also available.

Enquiry 053-710-3700
Address 39, Gongpyeong-ro 4-gil, Jung-gu, Daegu, Korea