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Tourist Information 1330

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Tourist Information Telephone 1330 Call Center
1330 is the main number for tourist information in Korea.
Tourist Information Telephone 1330 is the main number for tourist information in Korea that provides various information on travel in Korea to both domestic and foreign tourists.

Tourist Information Call 1330

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) operates the Tourist Information Call 1330 that provides various information on travel in Korea to both domestic and foreign tourists. The Tourist Information Call 1330 provides not only useful tourist information for enjoying travel in places of Korea, but also tourist translation services to relieve foreign tourists' language discomfort and consultations for tourist inconveniences.
In addition, KTO is making great efforts to improve customer service, such as providing text information service after solving complaints.
The KTO’s Tourist Information Call 1330 will faithfully perform its function and role as a public call center for promoting the tourism in Korea. Are you preparing for travel to Korea? Tourist Information Call 1330 Counselors will guide you in detail on your destination in a bright and friendly voice.The services provided by 1330 include the followings:

Providing quality service on the tourism information

·Professional tourist guides with the license of tourist guide provide in detail all the information necessary for tour, such as tourist attractions, transportation, accommodations, shopping, festivals, and event information. They are making ceaseless efforts to improve the quality of their services, such as thorough education on the telephone answering and service, as well as frequent visits to tourist destinations to provide realistic information.

Communications in 8 major foreign languages including Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese are possible.

- English, Japanese, Chinese: Operating all the time

- Russian, Vietnamese, Thai, Malay, Indonesian: From08:00 to 19:00

·They provide not only Korean tourist information for Koreans, but also English and Japanese tourist information and translation services for foreign tourists.
If you need a simple translation in a taxi or restaurant, a translator provides service for you over the phone.

Open 24/7/365

·As the Tourist Information Call 1330 is open 24/7/365, you can solve difficulties you may encounter during travel and the troubles in preparation for travel with a single call anytime, anywhere

One-stop Service of Comprehensive Information for Foreigners

·In the event of foreign tourists' immigration, safety accidents, medical, security, and tourist complaints, they provide comprehensive information services in connection with related organizations such as 1345 (Ministry of Justice) and 119 (National Emergency Management Agency).

Use guide

·Tourist Information Call 1330 operates a nationwide service of tour information, translation, and consultation for reporting complaints all the time, and you can get information from anywhere in the country by pressing 1330 without an area code.