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Daegu, a Beautiful City!

Daegu is a metropolitan city with a population of 2.5 million and the center of the Yeongnam area. It is an ancient and honorable place having inherited the glorious civilization of ancient Silla and Gaya dynasties.
Please enjoy the dynamic tour, such as luxury tour, gastroventure, healing experience, in Daegu which is the focus city of sightseeing where many cultural heritages are present, various cultural experiences are available, and both tradition and culture co-exist.

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Daegu is a basin surrounded by mountains in all directions including Palgongsan Mountain and Biseulsan Mountain. Its urban areas are developed around Geumhogang River and Sincheon Stream, and Nakdonggang River surrounds the western boundary of Daegu.
Daegu, with a basin topography, is a city of which the temperature is the highest in Korea. To overcome the dry and hot weather, Daegu, having planted many trees along the streets, is an eco-friendly and livable city, thereby getting selected as a Solar City by the International Energy Agency (IEA), vying with the advanced environmental cities in the world.
Daegu is 300km away from Seoul and 120km away from Busan, and it is a transport hub with railroads and roads connected throughout the country. Daegu is the center of the politics, economy, administration, transport, and culture of Yeongnam region, and is a world-class city that hosted the 2002 FIFA World Cup, 2003 Summer Universiade, and 2011 World Championships in Athletics.
Daegu has been developing the automobile components business and the textile and fashion industry through high value-added products, and now promotes the green energy and IT convergence industry as a leading strategic industry. Daegu is planning for a bigger future by creating a high-tech medical complex and Daegu Technopolis.