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Beauty / Fashions adventure

Beauty / Fashions
Fashion trend setters' azit
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Textile Museum
Everything of fiber
  • ·Every fashion style since the 20th Century
  • ·Red pajamas, Nylon etc. everything of the fiber industry
  • ·The super material - Carbon car / Experience the future of fiber
AM 13 : 00
Handmade Shoes alley
Finding my shoe
  • ·A life time's experience of shoe making master
  • ·Make your own shoe
  • ·Shoes ahead of its time, time flies
PM 15 : 00
Daehyun Free Mall
Large underground mall
  • ·Shop in the mall where it's cool in summer and warm in winter
  • ·Underground mall which connects Jungangro Station to Dongseong-ro
  • ·Make yourself aesthetically pleasing by styling head to toe
PM 17 : 00
Dongsung-ro Yasi Alley
Korea's Milan
  • ·The middle Alley which set trends at Dongseong-ro
  • ·Unique fashion stores
  • ·Nail art, hair designers a heaven for the ladies

Lunch box adventure

Lunch box
Food Ingredients Daegu invites you
to a taste of heaven!
AM 10 : 00
Daegu's red bean bread
Daegu's red bean bread
  • ·The taste that brings back childhood memories
  • ·A flavor with a good balance of finesse and sweetness
  • ·The mellow cream red bean bread is also a popular pick, showoff to your friends online
PM 14 : 00
Jin's Alley
An Alley with a story
  • ·'Jin' means 'long' in Kyeongsangstate slang
  • ·Daegu's first westernized 2 story house called 'jungsoagwa'
  • ·Enjoy a tea at the home of many famous people at Midodabang
PM 17 : 00
Cafe Samduk
An old house that feels even better than home
  • ·A Japanese style wooden home from the 1930's has become a cafe
  • ·Try the Samduk latte at the 2nd floor Dadamibang
  • ·Check out tool Alley
PM 19 : 00
Bukseongro Bulgogi briquettes Alley
Smile and meet new personalities at a street food cart
  • ·Tool Alley in the morning, Bulgogi Alley at night
  • ·Brick fire bulgogi and udon make an amazing combination
  • ·Laugh and make new experiences with a lover at the street food cart
AM 11 : 00
Spicy Raw Fish Salad alley in Bangogae
Try the feast at the VIP meal
  • ·Experience a festive meal or a meal set for important guests in Daegu
  • ·Spicy, sweet, sour foods which you can eat with the Flat pot sticker to make it even better
  • ·Try mixing it in a large bowl with rice
PM 13 : 00
Hidden sights in Daegu
  • ·Meet the antiques of nature at where Nakdong River and Geumho River meets
  • ·Walk along a trail
  • ·Embrace nature at its finest
PM 16 : 00
Open view and globally recognized architecture
  • ·From the observatory on the third floor, you can admire mountains and rivers and enjoy a cup of coffee
  • ·World's best Hani Rashid's architectural design
  • ·Rent a bike and ride, the world is under your feet
PM 19 : 00
catfish soup town
Eat the chili seafood soup, and replenish yourself
  • ·The chili seafood soup has the world waiting in line to get a spoonful
  • ·Daegu's traditional food located between Nakdong River and GeumhoRiver
  • ·You'll never forget the taste of Daegu's traditional chili seafood soup
AM 11 : 00
Flat pot sticker
The taste of fire and the chewy dumpling skin
  • ·50 years of tradition in the Flat pot sticker
  • ·Add on some spring onion, chili powder and soy sauce and adventure a world of flavor
  • ·Cooked on an iron plate, taste the flames
PM 12 : 30
Youngdo Velvet Gallery
The world of velvet
  • ·Est. In 1960, becomes no.1 with just velvet
  • ·Clothing, hats, umbrellas, necktie and blankets only made with velvet
  • ·Have a cup of tea at a cafe decorated only with velvet
PM 15 : 30
Tool Museum
A world of tools
  • ·'wingwing' toolshops are gathered at Bukseong-no
  • ·A Japanese building has been reformed to a rice storage
  • ·Filled with spanners, drivers, and cutters
PM 19 : 00
Yaki Udon(Chinese Restaurant)
Original Yaki Udon
  • ·Est. 1954, and Yaki Udon has created
  • ·Take a look at our nation's Fiber industry in one glance
  • ·Check out the future of fiber with our carbon car

Healing Adventure

Relaxation trip to Palgongsan
AM 11 : 00
National Tourist Experience Center
Meditation for myself
  • ·Chojodaejanggyung, 'Zen' cultural center, SakyamuniJinshin, experience your path to Experience Center
  • ·Learn your style of meditation
  • ·Hwanggeumsari tower, Stone Buddha foot
PM 13 : 00
Donghwa temple tea ceremony
Getting to know tea
  • ·Learn tea manners and names of equipment used
  • ·Learn how to make delicious tea
  • ·The sound and taste relaxes your body
PM 16 : 00
Healing Sun Village
The village that finds your lost smile
  • ·The clear air from Mt. Palgongsan resides
  • ·Gives luck to students that have an exam and heals the sick
  • ·There is a healing road you can walk from the village to Bukjijangsa
PM 19 : 00
Advanced Medical Complex
Dream of a future that is not painful
  • ·Take a look at the future of new hospital technology
  • ·Hear the specs at the promotion hall

Night view Adventure

Night view
Daegu's memories of starlight
AM 11 : 00
Eco Hanbang Wellness Center
Healing in the city
  • ·Energy conservation, global warming, futuristic environmental technology are all displayed in this hall
  • ·Drink tea that matches you
  • ·Release the stress with a massage
PM 13 : 30
Mt.Apsan cafe street
Your own cafe
  • ·Perfect for the people that like some cute or witty cafes
  • ·Perfect to drink a coffee and go shopping
  • ·Various themed cafes
PM 17 : 30
Apsan Observatory
Look over Daegu's night
  • ·Take a cable car ride and enjoy seasonal scenery
  • ·Take a photo with Daegu to your back
  • ·Red sunset, and the sparkling lights of the night
PM 20 : 00
Anjirang Gopchang Town
Delicious food Alley adventure
  • ·Marinated intestines, intestines are a premium pick in here
  • ·High protein foods good for cosmetics
  • ·Fun, lots of energy and youthful vibes
AM 11 : 00
Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park
400 years history Gyungsanggamyong
  • ·View old buildings such as Cheukwoodae, Sunhwadang or Hamabi
  • ·Take a rest at the green forest
  • ·Visit Bukseongro, Dongseongro or the community center
PM 14 : 00
Gyesan Catholic Church
The first western home known as 'Bbyojokjip'
  • ·A cathedral with chumtap and stained glass which looks amazing
  • ·Try the coffee at the cafe left of the cathedral
  • ·Find the Lee in Song tree
PM 15 : 30
Cheongna Hill
Try out the multicultural looking view to get your heart racing
  • ·Try singing the song Dongmusaenggak
  • ·Take a glance at the museum of missionary Blaire, Chamnis and Switz
  • ·Rest at Serebidabang, a location used by drama 'Sarangbi'
PM 19:00
Seomun Night Market
Try the night market Mukbang
  • ·Hanayaki, pork belly kimbap, dodo potato aren't the only things there explore!
  • ·Beer houses, cafes that look extravagant and which work till late
  • ·Meet the buskers
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Art Factory
Let's hang out with art.
  • ·Modern industrialization causes a tobacco factory to change
  • ·Jogak, Seollalchihwehwa and more types of fine art
  • ·Sang Seollal concert every Sat
PM 14 : 00
Petite Joong-Ang Family Museum
Herbal Medicine store which has come down for 3 generations
  • ·Opened at 1926
  • ·Check the gallery to see its history
  • ·Meet with the medicinal herbs that have been used for hundreds of years including pills, medicines, and prescriptions
PM 15 : 30
Samdeok-dong Mural Village
The Alleyway that reminds you of your childhood
  • ·Wall-artwork with soju bottles and bottle lids
  • ·Check out Samduk-dong 201
  • ·Check the art room and ceramics center
PM 18 : 00
Ayang Rail Road
The transformation of an abandoned railway bridge
  • ·Check out Kimho River from on top of the bridge
  • ·Check out the Railway museum and cafes
  • ·Take a snap of the colorful water as the light reflects on it

Adventure through nature

through nature
picnic to Nature in Daegu
AM 10 : 00
Daegu National Museum
Daegu's history treasure chest
  • ·Find the relics worth 3 and 6 points
  • ·Look at the fiber cloning rom in Daegu national museum
  • ·Look at cultural treasures outdoor and the 5 story stone tower
PM 13 : 00
Gachang Steamed Bun alley
Alleyway of delicious Steamed Bun
  • ·Red bean, corn, sweet potato, pumpkins. A variety of unique Steamed Bun
  • ·Kimchi dumplings, meat dumplings, king dumplings are delicious
  • ·Steamy steamers, take a photo and show them to your friends
PM 14 : 30
Nokdong-Sewon Confucian Academy
Japanese loving Chosun
  • ·Kim ChoongSeon which did wonders at Imjinwaeran, Japanese Invasion of Korea in 1592,left his memories here
  • ·His gun and relics are left in this place
  • ·Check out the relationship between Japan and Korea
PM 16 : 00
Healing Park Pony Ranch
You can't hold a smile while experiencing the multicultural scenery
  • ·Ranch 700m above sea level at Biseul Mountain
  • ·Ride a horse, fly a kite and let yourself loose and let off a laugh
  • ·You can just let yourself relax while staring across Biseul Mountain
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Olley Mt. Palgongsan Course 1
Experience with your own two feet the unexplored areas of Mt. Palgongsan
  • ·Pine trees everywhere on the way to Bukjijangsa
  • ·A small path a car would barely fit, walk through it and immerse yourself in the pine aroma
  • ·Rest at Bukjijangsa at the end of the pine forest
PM 13 : 00
Daegu Bangjja Brassware Museum
Be amazed at the brassware of Korea
  • ·Hear the biggest bell in the world spread through the 1st floor lobby
  • ·Watch how brassware be made and video the process
  • ·At the souvenir store, see a national asset made by Lee Bong Ju
PM 14 : 30
Mt. Palgongsan Cable Car
Fly across the Mt. Palgongsan view
  • ·You will reach an altitude of 800 meters within seven minutes.
  • ·When you reach the top, look at Birobong, Dongbong and Sobong
  • ·Try the pajeon and rice wine while breathing the clean air
PM 16 : 00
Donghwa temple
Mt. Palgongsan's greatest temple
  • ·Find the 11 treasures such as Biroam's 3storey stone tower, Ma-ae Buddha stone and more
  • ·Rest a beat with Mt. Palgongsan's breeze
  • ·Enjoy a stroll at Old Donghwasa road
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Arboretum
A green resting area between the apartments
  • ·25 themed gardens
  • ·Popular at all 4 seasons as a lotus in the summer and cacti in the winter, in temperature controlled areas
  • ·Tues to Sat, 10am, 1pm, 3pm there is a free explanation of the forest
PM 13 : 00
Hyeonpung Stone Ice Storage
Korea's oldest ice tunnel container
  • ·Treasure no. 673, Chosun's first ice storage
  • ·Can't go in but you can see from the outside with a light
  • ·Enjoying the old taste while being on the Wonhoru Pavilion that is 100m away
PM 14 : 00
Daegu National Science Museum
Science playground to sprout the seed of science
  • ·An earth simulator of diameter 2m (SOS), check what weight balance feels like first hand on the air bike
  • ·Check the robot show of the global ranking 3rd robots
  • ·ICT Fusion sports experience hall, children hall, and outdoor science field for the children
PM 16 : 30
Mt. Biseulsan Natural Recreation Forest
Forests, rivers, Daegu nature's best resting place
  • ·Take a break in the beautiful forest and river
  • ·Take an electric car to go 1000m above sea level to Daegyeonsa
  • ·Visit Goryeo'sGongminwangSojaesa Temple

History Adventure

Let's go to history
and cultural outing.
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Modern Alley
Architecture telling a story
  • ·Story starts with a missionary house at Cheongna Hill
  • ·Take 90 steps down to Gyesan Catholic Church, House of Yi Sang-hwaand Jin-Alley to continue
  • ·Serabi was used as a background for the drama 'sarangbi' the coffee shops are well-Renowned here
PM 13 : 00
Hyangchon Cultural Center
Time travel into nostalgic fun
  • ·From 6.25 war to 1980, the industrialization of Daegu
  • ·Take photos of artworks from poets and Lee Jong Sub
  • ·Rubber band games, uniform experience is a great way to kill time
PM 14 : 30
Cafe Samduk
An old house that feels better than home
  • ·A premise that was built in a Japanese style in the 1930's was transformed into a cafe
  • ·Drink Samduk latte's on the 2nd floor cafe
  • ·Take a glimpse of the tool Alley
PM 16 : 00
Daegu Hyanggyo
An education facility that Taejo established
  • ·Check out historical buildings such as Daeseongjeon Shrine, Nakyookjae or Myeongnyundang Lecture Hall
  • ·A traditional education program for sohak, a letter written to teach children to study abroad in the age of eight, and myeongshimbogam
  • ·Check out the traditional marriage procedures
AM 10 : 00
Dalseong Park
The oldest castle in Korea
  • ·Walk in the castle filled with trees
  • ·Check out the statues of oh Gwanpungnu Pavilion, Yi Sang-hwa poetry Tombstone, Statue of Choi Jae-woo
  • ·There is a zoo in the park that enjoys free rides from tigers to peacocks
PM 13 : 00
Daegu Modern History Museum
Check out Daegu Geundaesa with a glance
  • ·Take a look at the forceful process of breaking down Daegu Eupseong
  • ·Watch old Daegu on the Buyeong bus
  • ·Government bond compensation movement, Independence movement and the heroes that came from Daegu can be seen
PM 14 : 00
Namsan-dong catholic town
Peaceful landscape like prayer
  • ·A catholic town which has catholic schools and a priest grave
  • ·A catholic site which looks similar to France's Lourdes
  • ·A memorial of the martyr Gwandeokjeong Pavilion
PM 16 : 00
Gukchaebosang Memorial Park
The love of the nation reemphasized
  • ·In 1907, the Government bond compensation movement started in Daegu and a memorial park is there to visit
  • ·Walk along a trail
  • ·Be refreshed by the thousands of trees and water fountain and music
AM 10 : 00
Dodong Seowon Confucian Academy
What can little wonders do for you?
  • ·400 year old Ginkgo tree in front of Seowon
  • ·A lotus drawn on the stairs, and the treasure Todam
  • ·A pattern of middle stage bases, feel the tradition
PM 12 : 30
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area
A village as beautiful as a flower
  • ·A cotton field organized by the descendants of Moonikjum
  • ·Subongjungsa, Insumungo, Gwangeodang
  • ·The Campsis grandiflora blossoms in the summer
PM 14 : 30
Mabijong Mural Village
An exciting stroll through Mountain Village
  • ·Biseul Mountain's view making Sangol Village looking schmick
  • ·Jengi and Mungsuk, which one is the real thing? Find out!
  • ·Kalguksu, Pajeon, boribab, the street food is amazing
PM 16 : 00
Samunjin inn town
Enjoy the resting area at Nakdong River
  • ·The first ferry called 'Gwishintong'
  • ·Enjoy your day on a cruise ship
  • ·Enjoy some soup and rice while watching the sunset of Nakdong River
AM 10 : 00
Bullo-dong Tomb Park
Quiet four color adventure
  • ·A royal grave from 1500 years ago
  • ·Let's enjoy a stroll in the grave at a trail
  • ·You can see the forest of buildings in one glance
PM 13 : 00
Site of General Sin Sung-gyeom
The land that blossomed Goryeo
  • ·Shin Soong Gyum's memorial
  • ·A stone tablet made of his blood and soil
  • ·The starting point of course 2 of Mt. Palgongsan Olle-way 2
PM 14 : 00
Pagyesa Temple
Dignity of the Chosun royal family
  • ·A monk received a plee from Sookjong and when the monk's 100 day prayer finished, Sookbin Choi gave birth to Youngjo and is told as a legend
  • ·On Seongjeonam Hermitage, there is a A plaque which Youngjo wrote at the age of 11
  • ·Take a photo in front of the Youngjo tree
PM 16 : 00
Guam Farm Stay Village
Farm and create in the experience kingdom
  • ·Planting, uprooting sweet potato, catching grasshoppers, and many more agricultural experiences
  • ·Wear hanbok, make kimchi and make your own door
  • ·Make your own Kalguksu to eat!

Drama Adventure

He,the romantic Daegu
that she makes
AM 10 : 00
Lovey-dovey round around the lake
  • ·Great for new couples
  • ·The small forest road is good for lovey-dovey couples as they can talk and are tight
  • ·Straight path to enjoy and won't be a pain in the calves, many places to rest
PM 12 : 30
Hwanwon Park
You and I will only walk a flower path
  • ·At the end of the mountain, there is flowers that grow in all seasons
  • ·A photo zone where Nakdong River and Geumho River meets
  • ·Enjoy the cruise at the entrance of Hwawon Park
PM 15 : 00
A cute fairytale land
  • ·The hills romantic garden gives off a romantic vibe with the scent of the herbs, also very good for photos
  • ·A wooden fence, which take you to zoozooland
  • ·Eco adventure, offers you some fun
PM 19 : 00
Spa Valley
A late night fling
  • ·A nature's getaway at Spa Valley
  • ·Millions of lights that light up your night-time date course
  • ·Reside a day at the wooden house pension
AM 10 : 00
Otgol Village
Doldam-way that whispers love
  • ·Walk with hands tight through Stonewall Walkway which has 400 years of history to show off
  • ·Sit at Baekbulgotaek Twaetmaru and just have a chat
  • ·Take photos at the entrance of the village and the Zelkova tree
PM 13 : 00
Kim Gwangseok-gil Street
Make a memory just for you two
  • ·Many wall-painting to take photos with just the two of you
  • ·As you venture, there are many unique cafes to just sit down and enjoy
  • ·Make Dalgona at a Stationery store
PM 15 : 00
Suseong Park
The to-go place for young couples
  • ·Get on a duck boat and chill on a lake
  • ·Follow the edge of the lake and eat and drink delicious food
  • ·Don't miss out on the cool fountain show
PM 19 : 00
Inner Daegu's landmarks
  • ·All year round is a land of light festivities830
  • ·Airless 360 degree gyro swing, many attractions
  • ·Checking the night view at 83 Tower
AM 10 : 00
Museum of Medical Missionary Works(Chamnis House)
Cheongna Hill, where the song "Dongmusaenggak" was born
  • ·Daegumodern historyAlley as the starting point to minister Chamnis' house
  • ·Where modern medical treatment started, e.g. Anesthetics in 1950s at Youngman
  • ·'Dongmusaenggak' a song for your first love
PM 12 : 00
Yagjeon restaurant
Jin-Alley restaurants
  • ·Jang Geun Seok from 'sarangbi' house
  • ·Group raw fish, korean tradition feast meal
  • ·Wooden house 'Daechungmaru', feels like Grandma's home
PM 13 : 00
As if you're the protagonist of a romantic story
  • ·A music cafe themed on the 70s
  • ·Red pay phone and dj box. Matches to give nostalgia
  • ·Matches to give nostalgia
PM 15 : 00
Kyungpook National University tree-lined road
A place where you want to walk side by side
  • ·Daegu's top national university
  • ·Be a main character and walk in garosu-way
  • ·A school with 70 years of history, visit and make your own drama

Experience Adventure

Daegu is fun.
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Shooting range
Relieve your stress
  • ·Experience a real gun at the shooting range
  • ·Try out the air rifle
  • ·Experience what war was like at the fighting arena
PM 14 : 00
Fashion Jewelry Experience
Make a one of a kind ring
  • ·Jewelry stores, experience halls and art research centers at Jewelry Town
  • ·Put in your own initials in your own ring
  • ·Try out Jewelry Alley
PM 15 : 30
Yangnyeongsi Oriental Medicine Cultural Center
Resting place for adventurers
  • ·Check out your temperament and see what Chinese medicine suits you
  • ·The 100 years of history of Yakryong City
  • ·Chinese medicine tea
PM 18 : 00
Daegu Samsung Lions Park
Watch baseball in a fun fashion
  • ·New baseball field
  • ·An 8 cornered diamond shaped field
  • ·Unlike the Tagukgan tradition, the tradition of using three-dollar dugout out of a groove is a household tradition.
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Safety Theme Park
Self-defense training
  • ·Re-engage in the 2003 railway fires and learn how to protect yourself in those situations and also to use fire extinguishers and perform CPR
  • ·A re-make of an actual earthquake experience
PM 13 : 30
Happy Village
Walk along the wall art
  • ·Omaksari, a place where it has been changed with art
  • ·The railway walk path is filled with nostalgic pictures
  • ·Take a photo at the mini library at Dongchon Station
PM 15 : 30
National Daegu Meteorological Science Museum
Curiosity flies through the window
  • ·Check the global weather
  • ·What happens when the sun meets air and water?
  • ·Why is the sky blue?, Check out how weather forecasting works
PM 18 : 00
Power Climbing Center
The body and soul becomes healthier
  • ·Extreme sports for all seasons
  • ·Reach the top
  • ·Stages for beginners to veterans