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/ Youngju
Trip to the Silla Dynasty,
leaving for Daegu and the Lordship
AM 10 : 30
Daegu's cultural heritage
  • ·33m Stone Buddha
  • ·Heritages such as Dangganjiju, Daewoongjeon, Geuklakjeon
PM 13 : 30
Mt.Palgongsan Cable Car
Daegu's cable car
  • ·Mt.Palgongsan's beauty from the cable car
  • ·Enjoy some tea at the top
PM 16 : 30
Make a wish
  • ·Make a wish on the Gat Stone Buddha
  • ·4m Stone Buddha
AM 10 : 30
Where sunbi's studied
  • ·Sa-aek Seowon where Toegye Yi-Hwang built
  • ·Confucianism portrayed in the museum
PM 13 : 30
Sunbi Village
Become a sunbi
  • ·Experience tradition
  • ·Sunbi village is a great experience
PM 16 : 00
Buseog temple
  • ·Sobaek Mountain's view from Muryangsujeon
  • ·Beautiful sunset from Buseoksa

Daegu / Andong

/ Andong
From the Joseon Dynasty
to the modern times, travel to the past.
AM 10 : 00
Daegu Hyanggyo
School built by Taejo
  • ·Traditional physics and Myungshimbogam class
  • ·Traditional marriage procedures
PM 13 : 00
Gyeongsang Gamyeong Park
400 years of history at Gyeongsang-gamyoung
  • ·Look at old buildings such as Sunhwadang
  • ·Dongseongro, Bukseongro, museums are all located at a similar area
PM 15 : 00
Daegu Modern History Museum
Daegu Modern history in one glance
  • ·See how Daegu Eupseong was torn down
  • ·Meet Old Daegu in the Buyoung bus
PM 16 : 30
Daegu Modern Alley
A roofless museum
  • ·Modern history museum in a street
  • ·Alleyways to see Geundae architecture
AM 10 : 30
Andong Hahoe Village
Korea's representative Yangban village
  • ·The most famous folk culture village in Korea
  • ·Andong Hahoe Village enjoying Andong Soju, Hut Sisabi, Andong KangMackerel, Andong City
PM 13 : 30
Korea's upper-class village
  • ·Korea's most famous Folk village
  • ·Andong soju, Andong Mackerel, Andong Gooksi (noodle) are all accessible at Hahwae Village The cradle of Youngnam education
PM 16 : 30
Bongjeong temple
Youngnam education sanshil
  • ·Explore the education facilities
  • ·Nature beauty around the area


Experience history
and science throughout
AM 10 : 30
Lee Sang Hwa, Sang Sang Don old house
Following the steps of an independence activist
  • ·“Does spring come even in a stolen field”, an anti-Japan activist - Lee Sang Hwa home
  • ·The house that started the government bond compensation movement
PM 13 : 30
Museum of Medical Missionary Works
Youngnam Modern history's medical history
  • ·Missionary Chamlis' house is now a museum
  • ·Youngnam Modern history's medical advancement such as the anesthetic from 1950 moves you Venture into science
PM 15 : 30
Daegu National Science Museum
Venture into science
  • ·Play with your kids at the science playground
  • ·Study biology and astronomy
AM 10 : 30
Changnyung Kyodong Tomb
Gaya people
  • ·Gobungun known as the 2nd Gyoungju
  • ·The Japanese took the historical relics and valuables which is a hurtful past
  • ·Walk through Gobungun
PM 13 : 30
Changnyung Stone Ice Storage
Joseon's natural fridge
  • ·Joseon's ice storage a.k.a treasure no. 310
  • ·Changnyeong Eup-nae, but looks like Gobun
PM 15 : 00
Changnyung Silla King-Jin Heung Monument
A stone tablet that contains Shinla's history
  • ·Relax at a temple as a get away
  • ·Korea's oldest wooden building Geuklakjeon
PM 16 : 30
Changnyung Suljeongri-dong, west three-storied stone pagoda
Meet national treasures
  • ·Meet national treasure 34 and treasure 520 west 3 Storey Stone Tower and east 3 Storey Stone Tower
  • ·The West 3-Story Stone Tower is said to be as beautiful as Seokgatap
PM 18 : 00
Upo Wet
A living museum
  • ·More than 1000 kinds of organisms with the most bird migration traffic in the nation
  • ·Rent a bike and ride around the pathway
AM 10 : 30
Hapcheon Video Theme Park
Set-up trip to find scenes in movies
  • · Famous for film, drama, music video filming sites such as
  • · Places where Japanese people find remains of sculptures and moved to Japan
  • · Time spent walking in alleys in school uniforms from 1970 to 1980
PM 13 : 30
Haein Temple
Archaeological site of the Archaeological Remains of the Tripitaka Koreana
  • ·One of the three major temples in Korea that have 1,000 years of Silla history
  • UNESCO World Heritage Site Haeinsa Preserves the Tripitaka Koreana (80 Million Tripitaka)
PM 16 : 00
Tripitaka Park
A place where one can answer the question of the Tripitaka Koreana.
  • ·Theme park theme park where you missed the sight of yourself.
  • ·Learn the history of the Tripitaka Koreana, the production process, and the preservation method.
AM 11: 30
Daegaya history theme sightseeing spot
Set-up trip to find scenes in movies
  • ·Famous for film, drama, music video filming sites such as
  • ·The site where the Japanese excavated artifacts from Japan and moved to Japan.
  • ·Time spent walking in an alley alley wearing uniforms from 1970 to 1980
PM 13 : 30
Daegaya Museum
Daegaya culture, artifacts, history at a glance
  • ·Daegaya is the only museum in Daegaya that can see the history, culture and customs of Daegaya at a glance.
  • ·Children's experience room for children to learn Daegaya culture
  • ·Daegaya Royal Tombs Exhibition Hall
PM 15 : 30
Jisan-dong tomb group
King Daegaya and the Tombs of the Nobles
  • ·King Daegaya and the Tombs of the Nobles
  • ·The first unearthed in Korea, Sun Jangmyo Tomb, Jisan-dong 44 and 45
  • ·A spectacular view of the tombs from a distance

Daegu / Gyoungju

/ Gyoungju
Exciting trips
across the city and sea
AM 10 : 30
Daegu Shooting Range
Become a sniper
  • ·Enjoy using a real gun
PM 13 : 30
Good place to take a photo
  • ·Take a selfie at Hajungdo plain
  • ·A place that changes every season
  • ·Play hide and seek at a field of reedsd
PM 15 : 00
Theme park date
  • ·Millions of lights a festivity at all events
AM 10 : 30
Yundong Aquatic experience village
Extreme sport heaven
  • ·watch over the sea
  • ·Kayak, snorkeling, fishing etc.
PM 13 : 30
Bomun Tourism Complex
Gyoungju's recreational center
  • ·Enjoy the more city vibes
  • ·Cherry blossom everywhere in spring
PM 15 : 30
Silla's graves meet the eye
  • ·Look like hills
  • ·Show the children Chunmado
PM 17 : 30
World recognized heritage
  • ·Gyoungju's historic sites have been registered under UNESCO world heritage list
  • ·Cheomseongdae's view of the stars
PM 19 : 00
Gyeongju Donggung and WoljI
Night view at Wolji
  • ·The palace where Silla prince stayed
  • ·Romantic vibes perfect for a date
  • ·Become a person of Silla

Daegu / Mungyeong

/ Mungyeong
Enjoy a leisurely walk
with nature
AM 10 : 30
mabijong Mural Village
Stroll through Sangol Village
  • ·Country vibes, enjoy the food and peace as you breathe in the countryside air
PM 13 : 30
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area
A delicate place of Campsis Grandifloria
  • ·Famous cotton field of Moon ik jeom
  • ·Walk across the stone wall
PM 15 : 30
Daegu Arboretum
Green resting place between apartments
  • ·From a rubbish dump to an Arboretum
  • ·25 theme gardens
AM 10 : 00
Munkyung Rail Road
Walk on train tracks
  • ·Ride a rail bike cross an aborted Rail Road
PM 11 : 30
gomo Fortress
Times of the 3 nations
  • ·Walk Youngnamdaero
  • ·Look at the natural fortress
PM 13 : 30
Mungyeongsaejae Provincial Park
Youngnam sunbi's favorite walkway
  • ·3 gateways
PM 15 : 00
Mungyeongsaejae Open set
Become the main character of a historic drama
  • ·Experience remakes of actual historic sites
PM 17 : 00
Mungyeong General Hot Spring
Resting the body
  • ·Enjoy some spas with calcium and alkali

Daegu / Ulsan

/ Ulsan
Now, let's leave! To the East Sea!
It leaves for a whale.
AM 11 : 00
Bullo-dong Tomb Park
A four colored adventure
  • ·Gobungun which has the tombs of those from the period of the Three States
  • ·Osol-way pathway
  • ·The harmony of tombs and buildings
PM 13 : 30
Bulo-dong traditional market
A market where people interact
  • ·A special theme market open every 5th and 10th of each month
  • ·Street music performance, buskers
PM 15 : 00
DTC Textile Museum
The green resting place between apartments
  • ·Fashion museum which contains all the trends since 1900
  • ·Get a look at the fiber industries history
PM 17 : 00
Ayang Railroad
The transformation of an abandoned Rail Road
  • ·This has been transformed into a place to visit
  • ·On the bridge there is a bridge museum and cafe
  • ·The water and colorful lights are very nice to see as it glosses in your eyes
AM 11 : 00
Ulju Ban-gu dae Petroglyph
The stone art on the massive stone wall from prehistoric ages
  • ·It is at where the water meets the cliff, in Taehwa River's tributary Ddaegokchun
  • ·The art work portrays sea creatures, people, tools and various whales, world's first whaling remains Study the stone art
  • ·A museum where you can hear the details of the Bangudaeamgakhwa such as introduction, realistic imagery or the meaning behind the drawings
PM 13 : 00
Ulsan Petroglyph Museum
Study pictures painted in petroglyph
  • ·Museum where you can learn more about the monumental petroglyphs
  • ·Exhibition of monumental rock artifacts, introduction to rock art, prehistoric life
  • Chungsong_2DAY
    AM 11 : 00
    Bang Ho Jung
    The craving of knowledge of our ancestors
    • ·A place where sunbi's studied
    • ·Bangho Jo Jun Do put a belvedere where he can see his mother's grave
    PM 13 : 00
    Dalgi mineral spring
    A mineral spring found during construction
    • ·Good for stomach problems, light headed people, migraine
    • ·Many chicken soup restaurants cook with this mineral spring
    PM 14 : 30
    Juwangs mountain
    The autumn leaves and stones harmony
    • ·Anyone can walk through Juwangsan and enjoy looking at the stones, Daejeon-sa (Temple), waterfall, Juwangam and more
    PM 17 : 30
    A mysterious lake where a spirit may reside
    • ·A famous site for movie filming
    • ·Due to the beautiful view, many amateur photographers come
    • ·Check out Jusanji from the deck
    AM 10 : 00
    songso old house
    A silent day in a traditional Korean building
    • ·Stay a day in a Korean-style house of an upper class family
    • ·Jong-ga food, following traditional recipes trough the ages
    • ·A the senior branch of a family, Cheongsong shim's architecture
    PM 12 : 30
    Cheongsong 5th day
    Plenty of food at the Traditional Market
    • ·Seasonal herbs and foods matching that
    • ·Biggest Traditional Market in Cheongsong district
    PM 14 : 00
    oessibeoseon road(2 sections)
    A slow city path that looks is described as waesshibeosun
    • ·A path that offers natural healing, Wae's Beosun Trail which is a shape of the Beosun in Jo Ji Won's poem, “Buddhist dance (Seung-moo)”
    • ·To complete slow city way, you must complete 5 hours' worth of walking to Gotaek (Old houses), Solbat (grove of pines), Jungja (pavilion) and Culture and Eco Trail
    PM 16 : 00
    Gaekju literary Museum
    Meeting the narrative
    • ·‘Gaekju', is a narrative written about sales people, the author, Kim Ju Yong, walked around markets and wrote it for 5 years
    • ·There is a video lecture and other facilities based on this narrative

Daegu / Pohang / Youngduk

Gourmet travel
from the city to the sea
AM 10 : 30
Seomun Night Market
Daegu's biggest Traditional Market
  • ·The market has formed since the 17th Century, where 70% of the marketers sell apparel, curtains, blankets or clothes, and becomes a night market after sunset
PM 13 : 00
Samsong Bakery
Daegu's national bread flavor
  • ·Bakery tour for all the bread lovers at Samsong bakery's ‘Drug Bread', which means so addictive, causing a huge hit for youth of Daegu
PM 14 : 00
Dongsung-ro alley
Youth of Daegu
  • ·A street filled with Daegu's youth
  • ·Grapefruit Bingsoo (Ice flakes), mango bingsoo, coffee bingsoo and many more
PM 16 : 30
Dongin-dong ribs of beef alley
Spicy rib stew of Daegu
  • ·Ribs are tender and soft, having salty and sweet flavor. At the end, fried rice with the sauce makes it even better
AM 10 : 00
Jukdo Market
Seafood at its finest
  • ·Pohang Traditional Market
  • ·Alive fish, gwamegi and more various fishery products
PM 12 : 30
Pohang Cruise
Pohang's romance
  • ·Travel across Pohang on a boat and choose course A or B to go the deep sea of Dongbinnae harbor
PM 16 : 00
Mori noodles
Mori Gooksoo, a bowl of noodle with fisher's soul
  • ·Guryongpo fishers usually have had this dish for generations; put a monkfish, Korean herbs and beansprouts with some chili sauce and garlic to make an unimaginable flavor
  • ·Try the warm dish, experience fisher's life indirectly and heat up your body with healthy ingredients
PM 17 : 30
Unforgettable sunrise spot
  • ·East end of Korea map, tail of tiger
  • ·Why not check out the uprising hand
AM 10 : 30
HaemajI Park
The meeting of the sea and Haesong (Species of Pine)
  • ·In Youngduk, the Haesong trees cover the beach, making a moving feeling of this unusual view
  • ·Walk through Haean-road along the beach and see the Youngduk king crab's large clippers
PM 12 : 00
Wind farm
A power plant which uses air
  • ·A windmill of 60m, an environmentally-friendly way to generate energy, can be a good place to educate kids about the windmill by staying in the windmill or let them enjoy time at the playground
PM 13 : 30
Gyeongjeong Cold Raw Fish Soup
Youngduk's seafood
  • ·the cold raw fish soup, sashimi and king crab is something you have to experience before you leave
PM 15 : 00
blue road
The superb view of the sea
  • ·Walk with the East Sea by your side, get stamps for clearing each path and get a medal of blue road

Daegu / Sungju / Gimchon /Gumi

Exploring history
as if looking for treasure near Daegu
AM 10 : 30
Dodongseowon Confucian Academy
The history about education of the ancestors
  • ·See the treasures such as the lotus on the stairs, and search for hidden aesthetics
  • ·Find the 12 sides of Gidan
PM 13 : 00
Nampyeong Moon Clan's Original Residence Area
The mood of a fine old town like a trumpet creeper
  • ·The village where the descendants of the municipal municipal office, which brought cotton cotton, gather, and the cotton field is fixed at the entrance.
  • ·National photographers flock to the summer when plum blossoms on the stone walls
PM 15 : 30
mabijong Mural Village
Whole village art works
  • ·The landscape of Brissl Mountain
  • ·Enjoy the food made by residents such as Kalguksu, Pajeon, and Boribab
PM 17 : 30
Samunjin inn town
Enjoy the old Nakdong River
  • ·Enjoy a river ride on a cruise ship
  • ·Nakdonggang enjoying the view of the ocean and enjoying a rice stew
AM 11 : 00
Hangae village
Relaxing time in the quit and still village
  • ·Experience Seongju Hangae-maeul (Village), understand Jongga-jip and read planks hung on the houses
PM 13 : 00
Outer forest
Wolverine tree forest that became a shelter for everyone
  • The Salix tree has protected its position for generations, take a look at mother nature's grace
PM 14 : 30
Prince Taesil of King Sejong
Taeshil's hall
  • ·Check it out by going through the pine trees
  • ·Figure out what the structure is and study it with your children
PM 16 : 30
Geumo Mountain cable ca
The cable car ride
  • ·Experience fresh air of Mt. Kumohs on the cable car, and also visit Haewoon-sa, Dosungul, Daehae falls
AM 11 : 00
Geumo Sewon
Pyongwon's Korean Seowon
  • ·Korean scholar, Giljae (1353–1419), was appointed here
  • ·Confucianism was widely practiced here by his scholars
PM 14 : 00
Jikji temple
See the cultural heritage at the temple
  • ·Stone towers at Daewoongjeon with 1000 Buddhas at Birojeon
  • ·Sungbo museum with national treasures
PM 17 : 00
Jikjisa train Station
Transformation of a train Station
  • ·Jikjisa train Station cafe for a cup of tea
  • ·Kids library within history

Daegu / Chungdo / Milyang

/ Milyang
Deep taste and dark scenery
blend together
AM 11 : 30
Old Alley with many stories
  • ·Historical stories were written in the Alley with the Dalsung Seo's rich people area Sit in a room with a cup of tea
PM 14 : 00
Mido coffee shop
Sit in a room with a cup of tea
  • ·Famous stay houses for poets since the 80s; enjoy their most famous menus, Yak-cha, Ssanghwa-cha, old cookie and sugar ginger
PM 15 : 00
Yagjeon Restaurant
Jingolmok taste houses
  • ·Jang Geun Seok (Korean famous actor)'s house in
  • ·Group sashimi and traditional Korean feast are menus for greeting visitors Train Station to a wine storage
AM 10 : 00
Cheongdo wind tunnel
Train Station to a wine storage
  • ·The train that connects Seoul and Busan 110 years ago
  • ·100% persimmon wine
  • ·See the artworks inside the tunnel
PM 12 : 00
Daejeog temple
Small Buddha's world
  • ·Shinla King Hun-gung made Millenium review
  • ·Treasure no. 836, Geuklakjeon, is Buddhist sanctum decorated with drawings of lobsters, crabs, flowers
  • ·Even better in autumn
PM 14 : 30
Cheongdo Bull Fight theme park
  • ·Only cow themed amusement park
  • ·Study King Sejong the Great's history
PM 16 : 30
Unmun temple
Biguni temple (Buddhist nunnery)
  • ·Where Ilyeon monk made samgookyoosa
  • ·Old trees with historical worth: laying pine tree which is Natural monument No. 180 and 450 year old ginkgo tree
AM 10 : 00
Ice valley cable car
Youngnam Alps in your eye
  • ·1.8km longest cable car, over Youngnam Alps such as Mt.Jaeyak, Mt.Baek-un and Mt.Chunhwang
  • ·Check the white tiger stone
AM 11 : 30
Pyochung temple
Temple with national treasures
  • ·A temple with 1000 years of history
  • ·National treasure No. 75 Chungdonghameunhyangwan (Incense burner), and No.467 3-Storey Stone Tower
PM 13 : 30
Miryang Traditional Market
100 years Traditional Market
  • ·Take a stroll in the markets, and feel the history and eat the farmed crops
  • ·Amazing traditional restaurant, Dangol-jip's signature menus are Pyeon-yuk (Jerky-typed meat slice) and pork soup
PM 15 : 00
Beauty of 1 Youngnamru
  • ·Chokseok-ru in Jinju, Bubyeok-ru in Pyeongyang, and Yongnam-ru are the 3 nugaks of Korea
  • ·Embrace the sunset, at yongnamru