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City Tour Bus

Take a double-decker bus of the Daegu City Tour and see the attractions of Daegu at a glance.

Double-decker Bus of City Tour for Urban Circulation

City tour refers to a program for circulation of the city allowing you to tour various cultural relics, tourist destinations, and present situation of municipal administration scattered in the city, and look around the city's culture, history, and tourist destinations. It is a popular tourism product in major cities in the world.

1. Dongdaegu Train Station2. Pyeonghwa Market3. Dongseongro4. Gyeongsang-gamyeong Park & jongro5. Modern culture alley6. Seomun MarketㆍDalseong Park7. Bangogae Seasoned Raw Fish8. E WorldㆍDuryu Park9. Anjirang Pork Intestine Alley10. Mt. Apsan Observatory11. Suseong Lake Resort12. Daegu Children's Hall13. Kim Kwang-suk Road14. Gukchae-bosang Memorial Park

On the Daegu City Tour Course

Regular Course Icon

Regular Course

3 regular courses organized by subject such as history, culture, and nature

Theme course Icon

Theme Course

The theme course geared toward season and time

Palgong Mountain Course Icon

Palgongsan Mountain Course

Palgongsan Mountain Tour (one day course) where culture and history coexist, departing every day (except on Monday)

※ For detailed information and reservations for the city tour, please click the City Tour information homepage

What about the course of the Daegu City Tour Double-decker Bus?

Urban Circulation Course

This is a program that circulates around the whole area of Daegu city area and enables individual traveler to choose tourist destinations.

DAEHU CITY TOUR BUS illustration

※ For detailed information on the double-decker bus, please click the City Tour Double-decker Bus Information homepage.