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Daegu Tour's Dedicated guide

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What’s ‘Daegu Tour Guide’?

·'Daegu Tour Guide' is a local expert who has completed the Daegu Tourism Guided Tour Course (120 hours total), which is a professional man who can provide high quality guide about Daegu sightseeing, foreign language guide service and interpretation service. Even after the completion of the curriculum, we are making efforts to strengthen individual competencies.
We would like to hear from many interested parties such as inbound travel agencies and international conferences for the highly qualified professional manpower optimized for Daegu area.

·Intensive class: A person who has completed a training course related to sightseeing guide by a professional worker in Daegu who is a tourist guide, cultural tourism commentator, or interpreter
(*Indicates the owner of guide interpretation guidance guide)

·Education and training class: As a tourist guide who is fluent in foreign languages, a tourist guard who has completed Daegu sightseeing and guide basic literacy education.

1. First Daegu Tourist Guide Guideline (as of July 1, 2015)

Classification Language Name Residence e-mail Note
Education and Training 1 Intensive Class Chinese Kim Yeong-chae Daegu
Shin Kyo-name DaeguGyeongbuk *
Lee Ok-soon Daegu
Lee Hui-sook Daegu
Choi Sae-reum Daegu
Han Young-ae Daegu
English Kang Jin-wook Daegu *
Koo Seong-ae Daegu
Paek Chung-hwa Daegu
Shin Young-mi Daegu *
Cho Yaejin Daegu
Japanese Kwon Ki-hong DaeguGyeongbuk *
Kim Nam-hui Daegu *
Kim Il-ryong Daegu *
Kim Jung-hui Daegu
Shin Ok-i Daegu
Yang Sun-young DaeguGyeongbuk
Woo Jung-ae Daegu
Lee Sun-min Daegu *
Im Sook-hui Daegu
Education and Training 1 Education and Training Class Chinese Kim So-young Daegu
Kim Pil-kyung DaeguGyeongbuk
Cho Min-ji Daegu
Kim Soo-jung DaeguGyeongbuk
Kim Choon-young Daegu
Park Sun-min DaeguGyeongbuk
Woo Ji-eun DaeguGyeongbuk
Joo Ri-yeon DaeguGyeongbuk
Choi Hwa DaeguGyeongbuk *
Ryu Pang Daegu
Sa Yeon-ok Daegu
Jin Hyun-jung Daegu *
Kim Hye-ji DaeguGyeongbuk
Jang Yoo Daegu
Jung Young-sook Daegu
English Bae Eun-jin Daegu
Son Min-ah Daegu
Paek Da-som Daegu
Japanese Seo Young-eun Daegu
Lee Hyun-jin Daegu
Kim Jin-kyung Daegu
Ha Hye-young Daegu
Park Ki-hyun Daegu

List of Daegu Tour Guides (as of December 19, 2015)

Classification Language Name Residence e-mail Note
Training Courses 2 Chinese Kim Sang-a Daegu -
Kim Yang-hoe Daegu -
Kim Young-hwa Daegu -
Kim Eui-won Daegu -
Kim Hae-sook Daegu -
Park Kyung-soon Daegu -
Seo Jong-hyeok Daegu -
Son Kyeong-shik Daegu -
Shin Hyun Daegu -
Won Chul-name Daegu -
Lee Sang-hwa Daegu -
Lee Ae-kyeong Daegu -
Lee Ae-chin Daegu -
Lee Yeon-dong Daegu -
Lee Yeong-sun Daegu -
Lee Ji-hye Daegu -
Jung Lan-hui Daegu -
Jung Sang-hoon Daegu -
Jin Gi-hong Daegu -
Hwang Gyeong-ae Daegu -
English Kim Jung-mi Daegu -
Kim Kyae-won Daegu -
Kim Mi-ae Daegu -
Kim Yoon-ha Daegu -
Park Da-hye Daegu -
Yoon Joo-hee Daegu -
Lee Na-young Daegu -
Lee Mi-ran Daegu -
Han Soon-hee Daegu -
Japanese Kim Kee-ju Daegu -
Kim Young-ok Daegu -
Kim Eun-hee Daegu -
Park Yoon-hak Daegu -
Park Eun-jung Daegu -
Bae Moon-sook Daegu -
Ahn Jae-hong Daegu -
Yang Soong- sook Daegu -
Lee Eun-bi Daegu -
Cho Byung-gon Daegu -

3. How to apply: Confirm individual contact and schedule at the above e-mail address

4. Etc.: interpreter and guide labor costs are determined after individual negotiation with each company

5. Inquiries: Han Jung-hee, Daegu Convention Tourism Bureau Tourism Team (053-382-5248,