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Deulan-gil Food Palace

Deulan-gil Food Palace1
Deulan-gil Food Palace2
Deulan-gil Food Palace3
Deulan-gil Food Palace4
Deulan-gil Food Palace5

Address Dusan-dong area, Sang-dong, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Phone number 053-765-2029

The food palace is named “Food Court”, whose restaurants are the prize-winners in the international competitions and would like to develop their unique specialty to provide the best cuisine to the tourists from home & abroad. There are all sorts of restaurants in Deulan-gil to satisfy the tourists with the best flavor and service, like buffet, Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, ribs and raw fish etc. Those restaurants specialized in noodles, sober-up soup, wrapped meat, eel and puffer attract the tourists with their secret recipes. The Suseong park is located nearby, leaving you a leisure park after dining.

Deulan-gil Food Palace - Menu,
Menu Buffet, Korean cuisine, Japanese cuisine, ribs, raw fish, noodles, sober-up soup, wrapped meat, Jangeo(Eel), puffer


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