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Main Menu Items : Beef Entrails, Beef Entrails with Soy Sauce, Spicy Beef Entrails, Pork Belly, Smoked Pork Belly, Ramen, Soybean Paste Jjigae, Soybean Paste Fried Rice

Enquiry +82-53-585-0092
Address 78 Seongseogongdan-ro 11-gil, Dalseo-gu, Daegu
Xin Chao Vietnam & Asia Family Restaurant

Main Menu Items : Well-being Goi Cuon Thap Cam with Banh Trang, Half Lemon & Half Cream Chicken, Beef, Pho Bo, Pho Do Bien

Enquiry +82-507-1335-1272
Address 2nd Floor, 14-21 Dongdaegu-ro 59-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Bep Hanoi Samdeok Branch

Main Menu Items : Goi Cuon, Banh Xeo, Xoi Thit Xien

Enquiry +82-53-428-3338
Address 2nd Floor, 26-17 Gongpyeong-ro, Jung-gu, Daegu
Tapgol Sikdang

Main Menu Items : Dried Radish Greens and Barbeque Set, Dried Radish Greens and Smoked Duck Set

Enquiry +82-53-981-4771
Address 21-7 Donghwasa 2-gil, Dong-gu, Daegu

Main Menu Items : Braised Assorted Seafood and Mushrooms, Deep Fried Shrimp in Spicy Sauce, Noodles with Korean Chili Pepper and Bean Paste, Spicy Noodle Soup

Enquiry +82-53-382-3472
Address 62 Yutongdanji-ro 8-gil, Buk-gu, Daegu
Yongoreum Jjambbong

Main Menu Items : Noodles with Bean Paste, Spicy Noodle Soup with Tofu, Fried Rice, Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce, Stir-fried Korean Chili Pepper and Pork, Cold Spicy Noodle Soup

Enquiry +82-53-628-3399
Address 378-2 Yucheon-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Main Menu Items : Chicken and Seafood Soup, Whole Chicken Soup with Mushrooms and Vegetables, Abalone Soup, Braised Galbi, Chicken Pancake

Enquiry +82-53-756-7755
Address 24 Dongdaegu-ro 80-gil, Suseong-gu, Daegu
Sinsin Banjeom

Main Menu Items : Spicy Noodle Soup with Octopus, Spicy Noodle Soup with Raw Small Octopus, Octopus with Korean Chili Pepper, Noodles with Bean Paste, Fried Pork in Sweet & Sour Sauce

Enquiry +82-10-2204-9831
Address 1st Floor, 111 Muhak-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu

Main Menu Items : Noodles with Bean Paste, Chinese Bibimbap, Fried Pork in Sweet and Sour Sauce

Enquiry +82-53-629-2964
Address 256 Hyeonchung-ro, Nam-gu, Daegu