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Daegu Art Museum

Daegu Art Museum1
Daegu Art Museum2
Daegu Art Museum3
Daegu Art Museum4

Address 40, Misulgwan-ro, Suseong-gu, Daegu, Korea

Phone number +82-53-790-3000


Daegu Art Museum was built as the main cultural space to represent Daegu. It leads the trend of Daegu’s contemporary fine art such as providing the opportunity of cultural nostalgia to its citizens along with re-establishing the modern‧contemporary fine art history of Daegu, discovering local artists and supporting the creative activity. The construction was completed in May, 2010 since it's started May, 2007, and the museum opened in May 25th 2011. It is consist of valuable storage, educational area, office area and resting area along with exhibition rooms, Its surface area is 21,701㎡, and the building is consist of total three floors include one basement floor. Daegu Art Museum provides various fine art cultures with activities through collection, exhibition, research and international exchange of fine art works and materials by each genre. It also sets the operation objective as the role of space for self-realization to raise the cultural standard of citizens as well as the role of edutainment center based on wide range of experience. Daegu Art Museum will fulfill its role as an art museum which is open toward to future of extending the base of fine art population and leading the trend of contemporary fine art along with providing the place of artistic encounter to the public through the discovery of artists in Daegu area, support of creative activities and mutual exchange. Business Hours: April~October 10:00 - 19:00 / November~March 10:00 ~ 18:00(Closed : Mondays)

Daegu Art Museum - Open Hours, Disabled Facilities, Parking Facilities,
Open Hours Open time: April ~ October: 10:00~19:00/November ~ March: 10:00~18:00※ The ticket only can be bought 30min before the gallery opened and 1 hour before the gallery closed.
Disabled Facilities Toilet for the disabled, parking space for the disabled
Parking Facilities parking lot available for 232 cars


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